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Getting a new Nintendo 3DS XL this weekend? You’ll need a microSD card!

Feb 9th - Just a friendly reminder that the new Nintendo 3DS XL uses microSD cards instead of standard SD cards, so you'll need to purchase an upgrade if you're doing a system transfer with more than 4GB of data.

The Japanese Xenoblade Chronicles X presentation has been fully translated

Feb 9th - A full English translation of the Xenoblade Chronicles X Japanese presentation is now available online, thanks to dedicated fans.

Kirby and the Rainbow Curse ad is amazingly cute [VIDEO]

Feb 9th - Nintendo's TV spot for Kirby and the Rainbow Curse is cute and oh hey, exclusive to the Wii U.

Best Buy knocks 10% off Nintendo eShop cards

Feb 8th - Save $10 on all eShop cards at Best Buy today.

Top 20 Black Video Game Characters (Part 1) [VIDEO]

Feb 7th - To celebrate Black History Month, let's talk about some of the greatest black characters in video game history.

Netflix is working on a live-action Legend of Zelda series

Feb 6th - According to a new report from The Wall Street Journal, Netflix is working on a live-action Legend of Zelda series.

Nintendo wins Fighting & Racing Game of the Year from DICE Awards

Feb 6th - The 18th annual DICE awards were held last night and Nintendo claimed three of the available awards.

Check out this Xenoblade Wii U bundle Japan is getting

Feb 6th - Japan is getting a special edition Xenoblade Chronicles X bundle that comes with a map and a unique artbook for the game.

First online play details for Xenoblade Chronicles X revealed

Feb 6th - Japan's presentation for Xenoblade Chronicles X is over, but we learned two new details about the online multiplayer for the game.

Nintendo Deals & Downloads: Monster Hunter 4 demo, pre-load Kirby & the Rainbow Curse

Feb 5th - The Monster Hunter 4 demo is now available to everyone, you can pre-load Kirby and the Rainbow Curse, and new Hyrule Warriors DLC has launched!

Weirdness: Two men ransack a Cambridge music shop dressed in stolen Mario & Luigi costumes

Feb 5th - Two men entered a music shop dressed as Mario & Luigi and began causing a scene, forcing Cambridge police to get involved.

More information about Splatoon leaks from new Famitsu

Feb 5th - New information has surfaced about Splatoon after the new issue of Famitsu has been translated.

GameStop now accepting pre-orders for Super Mario amiibos

Feb 5th - GameStop has opened pre-orders for the Super Mario amiibo collection, but Toad is already unavailable.

Nintendo’s YouTube program will not accept channels with other publisher’s games

Feb 5th - The Nintendo Creator's Program says YouTube channels featuring mixed content is not allowed and you have two weeks to delete non-approved videos.

Silver & Gold Mario amiibos on their way.. Club Nintendo related?

Feb 4th - A certificate showing silver and gold standard Mario amiibos has surfaced. Could these be the final Club Nintendo reward for gold and platinum members?

TeeFury has two great Zelda-themed shirts for today only!

Feb 4th - TeeFury has two great Zelda-themed shirts up for today only, so you have until midnight EST to pick one!

T-Rex stars in this LEGO Jurassic World teaser [VIDEO]

Feb 4th - Warner Bros. is teasing LEGO Jurassic World with an iconic scene from the original Jurassic Park. Check it out!