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Toys R Us seems to be cancelling all pre-orders for amiibo, including Lucario

Dec 19th - Toys R Us has cancelled nearly all amiibo pre-orders, including those for its exclusive Lucario.

Miyamoto discusses the Sony Mario Movie leak

Dec 19th - Miyamoto says Nintendo entertains the possibility of Mario movies all the time and the Sony leak is nothing new.

Xenoblade Chronicles X developer discusses weapon design

Dec 18th - Tetsuya Takahashi took to Twitter today to discuss several outside developers helping to create assets for Xenoblade Chronicles X.

Best Buy Canada rep confirms more retailer exclusive amiibo on the way

Dec 18th - A representative of Best Buy has confirmed that more amiibo will be exclusive in future waves.

Gift Idea: Bring your gamer’s favorite characters to life with amiibo

Dec 18th - Looking for the perfect stocking stuffer or complement gift? Why not get them amiibo?

Nintendo Deals & Downloads: Mega Man sale & more

Dec 18th - There's a huge Mega Man sale for Wii U and Nintendo 3DS owners going on this week on the eShop!

Check out the UK advertisement for Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker

Dec 18th - Captain Toad will be treasure tracking across the UK come January 2nd, here's Nintendo's commercial for the game.

Shigeru Miyamoto talks Star Fox with iJustine

Dec 18th - Shigeru Miyamoto speaks about his upcoming Star Fox game in an interview with iJustine.

Gift Idea: These headsets will keep your gamer happy

Dec 17th - Gamers love to coordinate in online games, so give your gamer friend that ability with these Wii U headsets!

Japanese sales: Smash Bros continues to dominate, Wii U sales still up

Dec 17th - This week a new Yokai Watch game was released in Japan, claiming the top spot, but Super Smash Bros. for Wii U continues to sell well.

WayForward explains their dedication to Nintendo platforms

Dec 17th - Creative director Matt Bozon discusses why his team goes above and beyond for Nintendo platforms.

Devil’s Third developer discusses game on Wii U

Dec 17th - Devil's Third developer Tomonobu Itagaki sheds some light on the name of his game, as well as tidbits of development.

Platinum Games thanks fans who bought Bayonetta 2

Dec 17th - Platinum Games producer Akiko Kuroda thanks fans who bought the game and shares a few secrets.

Reminder: Nintendo Digital Deluxe program ends this month

Dec 16th - Nintendo's Digital Deluxe promotion is ending at the end of the month, be sure to use your points wisely!

Gift Idea: 10 3DS games that are a must for any 3DS gamer

Dec 16th - Check out our top ten giftable games for the Nintendo 3DS and enter for a chance to win several prizes.

Blok Drop X Twisted Fusion preview, headed to eShop this week

Dec 16th - Developer RCMADIAX have released a new trailer for their upcoming game, Blok Drop X Twisted Fusion.

Splatoon now has a dedicated Tumblr page

Dec 16th - Nintendo of America has set up a Tumblr for Splatoon fans to follow development of the game.