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Nintendo apologizes for banning players using Peach in Super Smash Bros

Sep 16th - Nintendo has come out to confirm that bans on players using Peach in Super Smash Bros were a mistake and the result of a bug. Said bug is being addressed in a software update that should go out within the week in Japan.

You can now download the Wonderful 101 soundtrack

Sep 15th - If you enjoyed The Wonderful 101's soundtrack as much as you did its addictive gameplay, then you'll love this bit of news: you can now download the soundtrack in its entirety.

Don’t look now, but Microsoft now owns the makers of Minecraft

Sep 15th - Hoping for the day that Minecraft shows up on a Nintendo system? That possibility could be in jeopardy as Microsoft has officially announced that they purchased the studio responsible for the popular mining, building and survival game.

Deal: Buy Hyrule Warriors from Target and get $20 off another current title

Sep 15th - Target has a pretty interesting deal for those looking to buy Hyrule Warriors when it launches. If you pre-order the game and buy another current game in the same order, you'll receive $20 off.

Early reports say you can use a Nintendo 3DS as a controller for Super Smash Bros Wii U

Sep 15th - It looks like owns of both the Wii U and Nintendo 3DS are going to have a lot of options for Super Smash Bros tools later this year. Early reports have uncovered an in-game option for syncing the Nintendo 3DS to your Wii U and being able to use it as a full-fledged controller for the console version.

Digital Foundry: Bayonetta 2 struggling to maintain 60fps at 720p (but does it matter?)

Sep 15th - We're not sure this news validates concerns that the Wii U is underpowered, but here it is anyway. Digital Foundry went hands-on with a recent build of Bayonetta 2 and found that it struggled to maintain a framerate of 60 frames per second.

Retailer lists Super Smash Bros U release date

Sep 13th - Retailer Fred Meyer reveals a possible release date on a reservation card.

Smash Bros 3DS Demo Impressions – Win a demo code!

Sep 12th - A week before the public release, certain club Nintendo members have gotten their hands on a demo of Super Smash Brothers for the 3DS. Inside, you can find out what I thought of it, but also have a chance to win!

Platinum Club Nintendo members getting Smash demo codes

Sep 12th - Several lucky Club Nintendo members are getting codes for an early demo of the upcoming Super Smash Bros games by email today. Are you one of them?

Watch the Nintendo Treehouse event live!

Sep 12th - Check out the Nintendo Treehouse stream live here on Wii U Daily, where the Treehouse will be looking at several upcoming games.

Unlock new characters when you link Smash Wii U and 3DS? [RUMOR]

Sep 12th - A new rumor states that certain characters are only unlockable by linking both versions of Super Smash Bros. together.

Mario Kart 8 slips out of top ten games for August

Sep 12th - Here's a look at the top ten games that sold in the United States during the month of August.

Wii U eShop Music update features Hyrule Warriors version of LoZ theme

Sep 11th - The Wii U eShop music theme has updated to feature music from Hyrule Warriors.

Nintendo Deals & Downloads: Teslagrad out now

Sep 11th - Here's a look at what's new on the Nintendo eShop this week, including the long awaited Teslagrad.

Game Informer is saying the Smash Wii U release date won’t be revealed tomorrow

Sep 11th - Game Informer is saying that a release date for Super Smash Bros. on Wii U won't be happening tomorrow.

Early copies of Smash Bros. in Japan reveal several new characters [SPOILERS]

Sep 11th - Japanese streamers have leaked additional characters from the Super Smash Bros. for 3DS roster.

Miyamoto will be unveiling Pikmin shorts at the Tokyo Film Festival

Sep 11th - Shigeru Miyamoto is debuting three Pikmin shorts this year at the Tokyo Film Festival in October.