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Here is Nintendo’s Bayonetta 2 commercial for Adult Swim

Oct 15th - Check out this Bayonetta 2 commercial that Nintendo is airing on Adult Swim.

Nintendo shares more info on Amiibos, you can feed them for stat gains

Oct 15th - Nintendo has released several new details about Amiibo figures, including the fact that they'll find equipment and items for you to feed them to gain stats!

Second wave Amiibo figures available by December 5th? [RUMOR]

Oct 14th - The second wave of Amiibo figures could be on sale in stores as early as December 5.

Nintendo now lets you pre-order your digital titles

Oct 14th - Nintendo is now accepting pre-orders for digital content on their main website.

Zen Studios is releasing the South Park table later on Wii U

Oct 14th - Zen Studios is releasing its new South Park tables on every platform except Nintendo's simultaneously.

Want to look just like Bayonetta? You need these $400 frames

Oct 14th - You can now buy Bayonetta's glasses frames, but they'll set you back a pretty penny.

Mighty No. 9 will ship with English voice acting

Oct 14th - Thanks to a hearty discussion between backers and developers, Mighty No. 9 will ship with English voice acting.

Bayonetta 2 will release with two discs in North America

Oct 14th - Bayonetta 2 is launching with two discs inside the box in North America, which is opposite of how Japan received the game.

Weirdness: Play Game Boy Color games on your Android Wear watch

Oct 13th - One gamer has managed to get old Game Boy Color games to run on his Android Wear watch.

Here’s the new Club Nintendo rewards for October

Oct 13th - Here's a look at October's games on Club Nintendo that you can redeem for coins.

New screens from LEGO Batman 3 at NYC Comic Con

Oct 13th - Warner Bros. Interactive showcased LEGO Batman 3: Beyond Gotham at NYC Comic Con this past weekend.

Is a web version of the Wii U eShop finally coming?

Oct 13th - Nintendo could be working on a web version of the Nintendo eShop, similar to Microsoft and Sony's setup.

Sakurai showcases new trophy for Smash on Wii U

Oct 13th - Sakurai is showcasing trophies that are exclusive to the Wii U version of the game, starting with a Mega Man trophy.

Bayonetta 2 is currently averaging a 91 on Metacritic

Oct 13th - Bayonetta 2 isn't due for release in a couple of weeks, but critics already love it.

UCraft developers reveal starting classes for their Minecraft inspired game

Oct 13th - UCraft developers have detailed the first three starting classes for their upcoming Minecraft clone for Wii U.

New Captain Toad Treasure Tracker trailer

Oct 11th - Check out a new trailer from Nintendo's newest Wii U platformer.

Fan creates ultimate Bayonetta 2 trailer before release

Oct 10th - Bayonetta 2 already has a cult following and the game isn't even available yet.