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Hyrule Warriors Sheik Trailer features the Goddess Harp

Jul 30th - Watch Sheik strike with a combination of quick ninja slashes and powerful elemental attacks.

Curve Studios still has one unannounced Wii U title in development

Jul 29th - Curve Studios have revealed they have another Wii U title in development for this year.

Amazon has a great deal on Wii U compatible hard drives

Jul 29th - Amazon has a great sale on portable hard drives if you're looking for more space for your Wii U.

Two Tribes announces Rive, playable at Gamescom [VIDEO]

Jul 29th - Two Tribes announces its first game after restructuring, a robot hacking shooter called Rive.

Check out this speed stage from Sonic Boom’s SDCC demo [VIDEO]

Jul 29th - An off-screen demo taken from Sonic Boom's SDCC presentation showcases a speed level from the game.

Super Smash Bros. controller and adapter available for pre-order

Jul 29th - Amazon now has the official Super Smash Bros. controller for Wii U available for pre-order.

Nintendo will be streaming Hyrule Warriors with Miyamoto and Aonuma

Jul 29th - A Japanese stream of Hyrule Warriors will also feature Shigeru Miyamoto and Eiji Aonuma.

Hyrule Warriors Darunia trailer shows off the might of the Gorons

Jul 28th - The newest trailer for Hyrule Warriors reveals the might of Darunia.

Here’s a preview of the Hyrule Warriors special editions

Jul 28th - Here's a quick look at the two special editions of Hyrule Warriors releasing in Japan in August.

Disney Infinity 2.0 villains trailer features Loki & Green Goblin

Jul 28th - Loki and Green Goblin headline Disney Infinity 2.0's newest villain trailer, teased at Comic-Con.

Funimation releases English trailer for Bayonetta anime

Jul 28th - Funimation releases a new English dub trailer for Bayonetta: Bloody Fate.

Takamaru from Murasame Castle is an assist trophy

Jul 28th - Super Smash Bros. developer Masahiro Sakurai has revealed a new character as an assist trophy.

NES Remix getting a retail release in North America

Jul 28th - Nintendo of America announced the NES Remix retail bundle during its Comic-Con stream.

The Letter Wii U eShop game had a budget of just $377

Jul 27th - The developer only managed to raise a few hundred dollars for the game.

Best Buy has a good deal on a Wii U bundle right now

Jul 26th - New bundle with New Super Mario U and New Super Luigi U drops to just $260.

From the Forums: Comic-Con, Super Smash Bros., and more

Jul 25th - Excited about the Smash tourney at Comic-Con? Discuss it with hardcore Nintendo fans like yourself on the forums!

Nintendo is live from Comic-Con!

Jul 25th - Nintendo is live from Comic-Con and you can check out their livestream right here on Wii U Daily!