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Japanese Wii U sales: Wii U at 8k, Hyrule Warriors slips

Sep 3rd - Hyrule Warriors slips out of the top ten as Wii U sales remain steady at around 8k sold.

Sakurai showcases several different color variations for Smash characters

Sep 3rd - Today's development shots of Super Smash Bros. show off the many color variations of Samus and the Villager.

Interview with Brawl in the Family’s Matthew Taranto

Sep 3rd - Last week I sat down for an exclusive interview with Brawl in the Family's Matthew Taranto about his comic, upcoming Smash Bros games, and a few other things.

Nintendo announces a Nintendo Direct for Bayonetta 2 this Thursday

Sep 2nd - Nintendo announces a new Nintendo Direct on Thursday, dedicated to Bayonetta 2.

New Teslagrad trailer released for Wii U

Sep 2nd - A brand new trailer for Teslagrad has been released on the Wii U YouTube channel, showcasing gameplay.

Xenoblade developer explains how the Wii U GamePad works

Sep 2nd - The executive producer of Xenoblade Chronicles X discusses the use of the GamePad for the game.

Nintendo dates Star Fox for 2015 in current Wii U schedule

Sep 2nd - Nintendo dates the new Star Fox game for 2015 in its newest release schedule.

Hive Jump Kickstarter has 3 days to go, will release on Wii U

Sep 2nd - Hive Jump has three days left on its Kickstarter goal and promises a unique blend of co-op gameplay.

Is the new Nintendo 3DS the start of region-free gaming for Nintendo? [RUMOR]

Sep 2nd - According to a new rumor, the new Nintendo 3DS could end up being region-free.

The first Hyrule Warriors update will be available at launch

Sep 2nd - The first update for Hyrule Warriors released in Japan today and it will be available at launch for the rest of the world.

Which series one Amiibo figure is your favorite? [POLL]

Sep 1st - Now that the first series of Amiibo figures has been revealed, which one is your favorite?

Happy Labor Day from all of us here at Wii U Daily!

Sep 1st - Wii U Daily is celebrating Labor Day today, so why don't you join us?

Minecraft developer comments on possible Wii U release

Aug 31st - "We won’t release on the platform if the base is very small because it’s much too big of an effort"

Reggie Fils-Aime completes the ice bucket challenge

Aug 30th - Reggie and other Nintendo executives join the club and complete the ice bucket challenge.

Wii U games of the past, present and future [VIDEO]

Aug 30th - Nintendo is stepping up its marketing efforts with a new trailer featuring past and future games for Wii U.

Hyrule Warriors English website is now live

Aug 29th - The English language site for Hyrule Warriors is now live, featuring character profiles and more.

Mario’s voice actor brings the characters to life on Instagram

Aug 29th - Mario's voice actor has been giving the brothers some interesting experiences on Instagram.