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Miyamoto will be a guest on the Fatal Frame presentation tomorrow

Jul 16th - Legendary designer Shigeru Miyamoto will appear on the Fatal Frame presentation tomorrow.

Club Nintendo rewards are all digital this year

Jul 16th - Club Nintendo rewards are now available, but Nintendo is only offering digital rewards this year.

Japanese sales: Wii U still at 8k, Yokai Watch 2 sells 1.3m

Jul 16th - Yokai Watch 2 topped the charts last week in Japan upon its release, selling 1.3 million copies in a week.

Nintendo UK/Europe now accepts PayPal for Nintendo cards

Jul 16th - Nintendo UK/Europe have announced that Europeans can now load their Nintendo eShop cards using PayPal.

Soul Saga still coming, developer has health issues

Jul 15th - The developer of Soul Saga is still chugging along on his project, despite running into health problems.

Check out this amazing stop motion tear down of the Wii U

Jul 15th - Check out this creative look at the guts of the Wii U and the Wii U GamePad.

Upcoming Best Buy sale on Wii U accessories & 3DS games

Jul 15th - Best Buy has an upcoming deal on Nintendo 3DS titles and Wii U controller accessories.

Fatal Frame for Wii U reveal coming later this week

Jul 15th - A livestream dedicated to Fatal Frame for the Wii U will be live on Thursday.

Full Super Smash Bros. roster to be revealed next month

Jul 15th - Japanese publication CoroCoro says it will reveal the full Super Smash Bros. roster next month.

Sony is targetting Wii owners with the PlayStation 4, says Andrew House

Jul 15th - Andrew House says the PlayStation 4 is great for consumers who purchased a Wii last generation.

Disparity Games’ “Ninja Pizza Girl” coming to Wii U; Kickstarter now live [UPDATE]

Jul 14th - The Kickstarter for Ninja Pizza Girl is now live, bringing Disparity Games' future platformer to you!

Watch Reggie’s speech to the Smash community at Evo 2014

Jul 14th - Reggie gave a short speech for Smash fans at this year's Evo 2014 event.

Mercedes says its Mario Kart 8 advertising partnership was a success

Jul 14th - Mercedes-Benz Japan has stated that its seen higher showroom floor traffic asking about the GLA after it featured in Mario Kart 8.

Sakurai reveals Rayman as a trophy in Super Smash Bros.

Jul 14th - Rayman has been included in Super Smash Bros. as an trophy, Sakurai announced today.

Three new characters announced for Super Smash Bros today

Jul 14th - Nintendo's live-streamed event showcased two new characters and one returning favorite.

Sony’s Yoshida says Nintendo brings balance to the industry

Jul 14th - Sony's Shuhei Yoshida discusses Nintendo's role in the gaming industry as balance.

Project Cars Wii U delay explained by developer and publisher

Jul 13th - Namco Bandai and developer Slightly Mad Studios explain the recent Wii U delay of the racing game.