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The Fall is launching on the Wii U eShop today

Aug 26th - The Fall is a brand new exploration game released on Wii U today.

Mario Kart 8 will be undergoing maintenance tomorrow for update

Aug 26th - Mario Kart 8's online functionality will be impacted tomorrow due to an impending update.

Edge magazine’s next issue features a huge interview with Miyamoto

Aug 26th - Next month's issue of Edge Magazine is running a huge feature on Shigeru Miyamoto and his games.

Yesterday’s Super Smash Bros. leak was internal and led to a firing [RUMOR]

Aug 26th - According to someone who knows the Smash leaker, Nintendo has fired him for the leaks yesterday.

Pokken Tournament announced on NicoNico, arcade only

Aug 26th - Pokken Tournament debuted on NicoNico today, though it's only headed to arcades for now.

Nintendo files copyright claims to have Super Smash Bros. leaks removed

Aug 25th - Nintendo has filed copyright claims against all the Super Smash Bros. leak videos on YouTube.

Ray’s the Dead announces modest Wii U stretch goal

Aug 25th - Ray's the Dead has a new Wii U stretch goal, with several surprises in line for backers of this already successful project.

New details about Teslagrad’s GamePad integration surface

Aug 25th - Teslagrad is awaiting the greenlight from Nintendo, but Rain Games talks about the GamePad integration for the game.

New Smash leak shows Wario, Medusa, Krystal and more

Aug 25th - Another leak of Super Smash Bros. showcases the Nintendo 3DS interface, as well as several of the trophies.

Hyrule Warriors moved only 57% of its first shipment in Japan

Aug 25th - Hyrule Warriors sold just 57% of its stock on the first week of availability in Japan.

Operation Platinum is a fan-based effort to get Bayonetta 2 to 1 million in sales

Aug 25th - A fan-created movement called Operation Platinum hopes to see Bayonetta 2 hit 1 million sales.

New Super Smash Bros. leak with video

Aug 25th - New information has surfaced about the Super Smash Bros. leak we shared last week, this time including video.

New Bayonetta 2 Wii U gameplay videos

Aug 24th - New gameplay videos give us another glimpse at the upcoming Wii U hack-and-slash game.

Ubisoft apologizes for harmless Mario Kart 8 tweet

Aug 23rd - Ubisoft tweets its worries about Mario Kart 8 and quickly deletes it and apologizes.

Ubisoft says Super Smash Bros. will increase Wii U sales momentum

Aug 22nd - Ubisoft's Alain Corre discusses the impact that Super Smash Bros. will have on the Wii U this holiday season.

Here’s the Japanese box art for Fatal Frame Wii U

Aug 22nd - Check out the Fatal Frame box art for the Japanese version of the game. Still no Western release confirmed yet.

Europeans who own SteamWorld Dig on 3DS get 25% discount on Wii U version

Aug 22nd - Europeans who already own SteamWorld Dig on Nintendo 3DS will see a 25% discount on the Wii U version next week.