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The Super Mario Mash-Up pack for Minecraft wasn’t Nintendo’s idea

May 23rd - The Super Mario Mash-Up pack for Minecraft is so well done it looks like Nintendo had a hand in creating it, but that's not the case.

Zelda Twilight Princess Wii U + Amiibo on sale for just $36

May 22nd - Or if you're stupid, you can buy the download-only code for $50.

New Smash Bros update nerfs Bayonetta

May 22nd - The only character getting a nerf in the upcoming update.

Wii U sold less than 4,000 units in Japan last week

May 22nd - Splatoon and Super Mario Maker are still selling well.

Nintendo president: NX is not a successor to the Wii U

May 21st - Then what the hell is it?

Yooka-Laylee backers are getting a demo in July

May 20th - If you backed Yooka-Laylee, you're getting the promised Toybox demo sometime in July.

European Vans site opens Nintendo section for pre-orders

May 20th - The European Vans site has opened a new Nintendo section to showcase some of their upcoming designs.

Minecraft developer investigating copyright strikes over Super Mario Mash-Up Pack

May 19th - Looks like Nintendo is issuing copyright strikes on the Super Mario Mash-Up pack for Minecraft Wii U owners. Developer 4J Studios says this wasn't supposed to happen.

My Nintendo will have exclusive offers for email readers

May 18th - My Nintendo just launched, but it looks like there might be some exclusive offers and discounts for those who read the emails!

Super Mario Maker has sold 3.5 million copies and you’ve made 7.2 million courses

May 17th - Super Mario Maker has now sold 3.5 million copies and has more user-created courses than you will probably ever play.

Wii U version of SteamWorld Heist still in the works

May 17th - Image & Form has released an update about SteamWorld Heist on other platforms, with PS4 and PS Vita versions coming ahead of the Wii U version.

Nintendo releasing new patch for Super Smash Bros. on both Wii U and 3DS

May 17th - Nintendo has announced a new patch for both versions of Super Smash Bros.

You can sign up for the Pokemon Go US-based field test now!

May 16th - Pre-registrations for the Pokemon Go field test in the United States are now live, go go go!

Nintendo wants to start making its own movies

May 16th - Looks like Nintendo wants to get into the movie production business. Perhaps Kimishima is seeking to turn Nintendo into Japanese Disney?

Pokken Tournament has outsold Street Fighter V at retail

May 16th - Pokken Tournament has outsold Street Fighter V at retail, the latter of which is available on two platforms.

Rumor: NX won’t use x86 CPU, could be using Nvidia Tegra

May 14th - And it'll be as powerful as an Xbox One.