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Capcom bringing tons of classic titles to Wii U Virtual Console (Brace yourselves Mega Man fans)

Jun 9th - Amid all the craziness going on at E3 today, Capcom announced tons of new Virtual Console titles that will be headed to the Wii U. This update will please Mega Man fans most of all as about a dozen different games from that franchise are making the trip.

Nintendo hardware sales down 31% last year

Jun 7th - Nintendo is no longer the top selling console maker in the world.

WaveDash is a wireless GC controller for Wii U now on Kickstarter

Jun 6th - WaveDash is a Kickstarter project to create a modern wireless GameCube controller.

Mario Kart 8 contest winner announced!

Jun 6th - Here's the winner for the Mario Kart 8 contest!

Shovel Knight releasing on Wii U & 3DS on June 26

Jun 6th - The North American release is happening on June 26, with a later date for European release.

Nintendo lays off 130 people in European reshuffle

Jun 6th - Nintendo of Europe is undergoing a reshuffle, with 130 people being made redundant.

Nintendo unveiling Mario Maker at E3? [RUMOR]

Jun 6th - Is Nintendo launching a do-it-yourself Mario game this year at E3?

Amazon is selling Mario Kart 8 for $48

Jun 5th - Amazon is offering Mario Kart 8 for $48, the lowest price we've seen on the game yet.

Nintendo eShop Deals & Downloads – Tomodachi Life and Minish Cap

Jun 5th - Here's a look at what's available this week for download on both the Wii U and the Nintendo 3DS.

Wii Sports Club retail coming to the US on July 25

Jun 5th - Wii Sports Club retail package is coming to North America on July 25.

Iwata is skipping E3 due to health reasons

Jun 5th - Nintendo of America has confirmed that president Satoru Iwata will be skipping E3 this year.

SteamWorld Dig is coming to Wii U this fall

Jun 5th - Image & Form have announced they're bringing SteamWorld Dig to the Wii U.

Another campaign to end region locking for Wii U and Nintendo 3DS has begun

Jun 5th - The call for Nintendo to end region-locking on the Wii U and the Nintendo 3DS has been renewed.

New Miiverse update reduces the time between posts

Jun 4th - A new Miiverse update is now live, reducing the time between posts to two minutes instead of three.

Did Mario Kart 8’s free game offer affect your purchase?

Jun 4th - Was your purchasing decision for Mario Kart 8 affected by the free game offer at all?

Mario Kart 8 Impressions: Zorpix Den

Jun 4th - I've played Mario Kart 8! Today's Zorpix Den will talk about my first impressions of the game. Also, check out the details for the Wii U Daily Tournament!

Nintendo of Europe announces Wii Sports Club boxed set

Jun 4th - Nintendo of Europe has announced the release dates for the final Wii Sports Club sports, as well as a physical release.