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Nintendo promises to discuss Smash Bros, 3D Mario & Mario Kart before E3

May 20th - Nintendo of America reassures fans that we'll see more info on Smash Bros, Mario Kart and the new 3D Mario game before E3 in June.

Resident Evil: Revelations review

May 20th - Is Capcom's latest release of Resident Evil: Revelations worth your time or is it just another rehashed 3DS game?

Sonic: Lost World will introduce new enemies and gameplay

May 20th - Sega of America president says Sonic: Lost World will feature all new gameplay and never before seen enemies.

New Super Luigi U box art and screenshots

May 19th - The official box art and brand new screenshots of New Super Luigi U for the Wii U

EA engineer: “Wii U is crap”

May 18th - EA senior engineer trashes Nintendo's new console, Tweeting that "The Wii U is crap".

Resident Evil: Revelations demo impressions [VIDEO]

May 17th - Check out John Zaccari's thoughts on the Resident Evil: Revelations demo.

New Yakuza bundle for Wii U announced during Japanese Nintendo Direct

May 17th - Japanese Nintendo fans will be getting a Yakuza HD bundle later this year for Wii U.

Nintendo announces exclusive Sonic: Lost World in partnership with Sega

May 17th - Nintendo announces exclusive partnership with Sega to bring Sonic: Lost World to Wii U and 3DS.

The Wonderful 101 coming September 15 to US, August 23 to EU

May 17th - The Wonderful 101 finally has a release date for both western regions.

New Super Luigi U releasing June 20th, includes standalone version

May 17th - New details about Super Luigi U have been released, including a new playable character and a standalone version.

Nintendo announces games to be playable at Best Buy the week of E3

May 17th - Nintendo have announced that games shown at E3 will be playable at certain Best Buy locations the week of E3.

Video: New Pikmin 3 story and gameplay details emerge

May 17th - New details about Pikmin 3 are fresh from today's Nintendo Direct.

Nintendo announces a new Mario & Sonic at the Winter Olympics

May 17th - Nintendo announces a new Mario & Sonic at the Winter Olympics.

Watch the Nintendo Direct live on Wii U Daily

May 17th - The newest Nintendo Direct can be watched right here on Wii U Daily, live.

Next week’s Wii U virtual console update is all about Kirby

May 17th - Three new Kirby games are coming to the Wii U virtual console.

EA finally admits it has no games in development for Wii U

May 16th - A representative from EA has finally confirmed that the company has no titles in active development for the Wii U.

Nintendo filing claims to ad revenue on YouTube Let’s Plays

May 16th - Nintendo has filed a form of copyright claim against YouTube Let's Players who feature Nintendo games.