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Gamer sues Sega and Gearbox for Aliens: Colonial Marines false advertising

May 1st - Sega and Gearbox are being sued for false advertising after the release of Aliens: Colonial Marines.

Nintendo sends a message to all Wii owners about the Wii U

May 1st - Nintendo's first step to correcting consumer confusion about the Wii U just hit the inboxes of every Wii console in the world.

Retro Studios’ secret Wii U game will soon be revealed

Apr 30th - Hiro Yamada hints that Nintendo will soon reveal Retro Studios' new Wii U game.

Tengami coming to Wii U eShop

Apr 30th - Development team Nyamyam is bringing their newest title, Tengami, to Wii U.

Hackers claim to have jailbroken the Wii U

Apr 30th - Hackers claim to have completely unlocked the Wii U's various encryption protection methods.

Nintendo says attention to detail is why it delays games

Apr 30th - During a question and answer session after the recent financial report, Iwata discusses why Nintendo delays games and what benefit it has to gamers.

Angry Video Game Nerd Adventures confirmed for Wii U

Apr 30th - Angry Video Game Nerd Adventures has been confirmed for release for Wii U and 3DS sometime this summer.

Kung Fu Rabbit trailer for Wii U

Apr 30th - Check out this new trailer for Kung Fu Rabbit, which is seeing release on the Wii U eShop on May 2.

Nintendo UK outs more Virtual Console titles for Wii U

Apr 30th - Nintendo UK has posted a video highlighting several different games that will make their way to the Wii U Virtual Console soon.

Game & Wario may retail for $39.99 in North America

Apr 30th - Wii U's upcoming micro-game collection might launch for $20 less than the standard RRP.

Injustice: Gods Among Us for Wii U contest winner

Apr 29th - We've chosen the winner of our Injustice: Gods Among Us contest announced last week.

Lobo DLC coming to Injustice on May 7

Apr 29th - Developer Ed Boon has confirmed that the first DLC character for Injustice: Gods Among Us will be Lobo.

Wii U Virtual Console review

Apr 29th - You already know all about the games, but what do we think about the service itself and the Wii U specific features it brings?

Watch Dogs for Wii U releasing Nov. 19th

Apr 29th - The release date for Watch Dogs has been officially confirmed.

Hideki Kamiya says The Wonderful 101 is short, but that doesn’t matter

Apr 29th - Developer Hideki Kamiya says games are about the fun and experience, not how long they last.

Nyko Pro Commander controller review

Apr 29th - How doe the Nyko Pro Commander controller for Wii U stack up against some of the most popular controllers on the market?

Wii U Virtual Console games may be playable on 3DS

Apr 29th - It's unofficial, but given time, both home and handheld Virtual Consoles may be as one.