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Do you want to drive a Mercedes in Mario Kart 8? [VIDEO]

May 29th - Nintendo is teaming up with Mercedes for a unique promotion between luxury car and video game in Japan.

What do you hope to see at E3 this year from Nintendo? [POLL]

May 28th - Wii U Daily will be live at this year's E3 in Los Angeles! Here's a look at what we expect to see, but we want to know what you want from the show!

Anti-Gravity Hipster

May 28th - Crash Nitro Kart did anti gravity before it was cool! In this week's Zorpix Den, we take a fun look at some of the innovative ideas in kart racers past

Pushmo World announced for the Wii U

May 28th - Nintendo is bringing acclaimed puzzle series Pushmo to the Wii U in June.

Japanese sales – Wii U outsells PS3/PS4

May 28th - The Wii U outsells PlayStation home consoles this week in Japan, despite no new games yet.

Tecmo Koei presented Hyrule Warriors to Miyamoto first

May 28th - Tecmo Koei presented the idea of Hyrule Warriors to Miyamoto and Aonuma.

Sears seems to be selling copies of Mario Kart 8 early

May 27th - According to rumors, Sears is selling copies of Mario Kart 8 earlier than they should.

Nintendo UK says NFC for Smash is “not a confirmed” feature

May 27th - Nintendo UK says Super Smash Bros. has not been confirmed to be an NFC supported title, yet.

Lego Batman 3: Beyond Gotham announced for Wii U

May 27th - Warner Bros. Interactive have announced Lego Batman 3: Beyond Gotham for Wii U and Nintendo 3DS this fall.

Super Smash Bros. will be at Best Buy during E3

May 27th - Best Buy is hosting demos of Super Smash Bros. during E3 this year.

Nintendo is planning a YouTube affiliate program for content creators

May 27th - Nintendo will start its own official YouTube affiliate program, according to a tweet from Nintendo of Japan.

Mario Kart 8 featured on NASCAR racer

May 25th - A NASCAR race car is outfitted with Mario Kart 8 artwork.

Mario Kart 8 runs at 720p native resolution

May 24th - The game runs at 720p and at a steady 59 frames per second, according to a graphics analysis.

“Dont Touch Anything Red” announcement

May 24th - Inspired by "The Impossible Game", this indie title soon to be hitting the Wii U has 5 player multiplayer and off TV play. Play a demo in your web browser, too!

Ubisoft has confirmed they’re not showing any Wii U or 3DS games at E3

May 23rd - Ubisoft has confirmed that it will not be showing any Nintendo games at E3 this year.

Ike from Fire Emblem confirmed for Super Smash Bros.

May 23rd - It's been revealed that Ike will be returning to Super Smash Bros. this fall.

HAL Laboratory would love to work on a 3D Kirby game

May 22nd - HAL Laboratry discusses making a 3D Kirby game in the future in a recent interview.