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Dan Adelman stonewalled from speaking with indie developers

Apr 25th - Nintendo's relationship with indie developers has always been a weird one and one developer shows just how weird it's gotten.

Nintendo’s marketing campaign for Mario Kart 8 will last all year

Apr 25th - The advertising campaign for Mario Kart 8 in the UK will extend all year, according to Nintendo.

Hive Jump is bringing 2D shooting action to the Wii U

Apr 25th - Graphite Lab have confirmed they're planning to bring their 2D shooter, Hive Jump, to the Wii U sometime in the future.

Stick it to the Man! coming to Wii U on May 1

Apr 25th - Stick it to the Man! is making its eShop debut on May 1st, courtesy of Ripstone Games.

Super Toy Cars is a new karting game announced for Wii U

Apr 25th - Super Toy Cars is a mix between Mario Kart and micro machines and it's coming to Wii U.

Japanese Wii U eShop gets an NES Remix 2 music makeover

Apr 24th - Check out the new music gracing the Nintendo eShop on the Wii U to coincide with the release of NES Remix 2.

Unreal Engine 4 updated for Xbox One and PS4 support, no Wii U

Apr 24th - Unreal Engine 4 was updated today to support the Xbox One and the PlayStation 4, while the Wii U was left out.

Child of Light is a modern fairy tale [VIDEO]

Apr 24th - Ubisoft has released a new video describing Child of Light as a modern fairy tale, describing new game mechanics and the creation of Aurora.

Nintendo confirms Mario Kart 8 bundles for UK, no word on US yet

Apr 24th - Nintendo has confirmed the Mario Kart 8 bundle with a special edition release in the UK, with no word on US availability yet.

Hex Heroes has been successfully funded

Apr 24th - The team at Prismatic Games have managed to get Hex Heroes fully funded on Kickstarter.

Nintendo eShop Deals & Downloads include NES Remix 2 and Child of Light

Apr 24th - Here's a look at the eShop sales on both the Wii U and the Nintendo 3DS for this week.

Skylanders: Trap Team Announced

Apr 23rd - Toys for Bob announced its newest entry in the Skylanders series. Dubbed "Skylanders: Trap Team", this game has you trapping and taking control of enemies via a new portal.

This game drought is leaving me parched

Apr 23rd - In this Zorpix Den, I'm mad! Nintendo hasn't given me much of a reason to fire up my Wii U recently, and here's why you should be mad too!

Wii U has sold just over half of what the GameCube did in the same span

Apr 23rd - The Wii U has only sold slightly over half of what the GameCube managed to sell in the same time period of being on the market.

Japanese sales – Slow week for gaming in Japan

Apr 23rd - Sales of video games in Japan this week were generally poor, but here's a look at how the hardware and software releases have performed.

New Miiverse update for the web version brings new features

Apr 23rd - Several new changes to Miiverse have been made, including a cooldown timer for comments and new search functions.

Is Nintendo planning on releasing a Mario Kart 8 demo?

Apr 23rd - A new rumor suggests that Nintendo may be planning on releasing a Mario Kart 8 demo before the May 30 release date.