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Nintendo open to other system Remix games if fans show interest

Apr 22nd - NES Remix director Koichi Hayashid says he'd love to do remixes from other systems, if fans want to see them. selling 32GB Mario & Luigi Wii U bundle for $250

Apr 22nd - If you're looking for a deal on a Wii U before Mario Kart 8 gets here, be sure and check this one out. They go quickly!

Bandai Namco announces PAC-MAN and the Ghostly Adventures 2

Apr 22nd - Bandai Namco has announced a sequel to Pac-Man and the Ghostly Adventures, releasing later this year.

Tecmo Koei announces a new Fatal Frame Wii U exclusive

Apr 22nd - Tecmo Koei and Nintendo are planning to bring another Fatal Frame installment to the Wii U.

Nintendo falls off the charts for the second week in the UK

Apr 22nd - Here's a look at the top 40 games in Britain this week, where Nintendo hasn't cracked the list for the second week running.

Awesomenauts could come to Wii U if devs find a port partner

Apr 21st - Ronimo Games would consider bringing Awesomenauts to the Wii U with the right port partner.

Captain Toad mini-game in Super Mario 3D World could return

Apr 21st - Super Mario 3D World's Captain Toad levels could be expanded into something more in the future thanks to critical reception from fans.

Sears selling Nintendo Land bundles for $99

Apr 21st - Sears is currently offering Nintendo Land Wii U bundles at $99, though your mileage may vary.

First look at The Girl and the Robot alpha footage [VIDEO]

Apr 21st - Check out this new alpha footage from The Girl and the Robot, coming to Wii U soon.

Hover: Revolt of Gamers could come to Wii U

Apr 21st - A new game on Kickstarter combines the music of Jet Set Radio with the parkour action of Mirror's Edge.

Nintendo to support the 2014 White House Easter Egg Roll

Apr 20th - This year Nintendo is teaming up with the National Park Foundation to bring their Wii U to the 2014 White House Easter Egg Roll along with Wii Fit U and Wii Sports Club.

More gorgeous Mario Kart 8 gameplay videos

Apr 19th - Another collection of some gorgeous Mario Kart 8 gameplay videos.

Nintendo is being sued for its multi-screen technology in the Wii U

Apr 18th - Nintendo has been named defendant in another patent lawsuit, this time having to do with the Wii U's multi-screen technology.

Gaming Rewind: Top 5 Craziest Nintendo Devices

Apr 18th - The Wii U isn't the craziest device Nintendo has ever released, let's take a look at 5 more!

March NPD Numbers – Wii U 70k, 3DS 159k

Apr 18th - Here's a look at the sales of hardware and software for the month of March in North America.

Check out the NES Remix 2 version of Super Mario Bros. 3

Apr 17th - Check out this new footage from NES Remix 2, which shows off Super Mario Bros. 3 and the twists available.

Heart Forth, Alicia funded in just one day, Wii U stretch goal could be coming

Apr 17th - A new Metroidvania style game has been funded on Kickstarter and the developers want to hear from you!