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Tomodachi Life is Nintendo at its core

Apr 16th - This week's Zorpix Den took an unexpected turn. I'm all about Tomodachi Life, and you should be too. Find out why I'm so pumped for this game!

Mario Kart 8 Wii U bundle could be on its way [RUMOR]

Apr 16th - A new hardware bundle for Mario Kart 8 is rumored to be releasing in Europe.

Japanese sales numbers – Vita claims top spot, Wii U is sixth

Apr 16th - Here's a look at this week's numbers from Japan, where the Wii U has taken sixth spot behind the Nintendo 3DS and Sony's consoles.

Japan getting stand to make Wii U GamePad a racing wheel

Apr 15th - A new peripheral being released in Japan turns the GamePad into a standard racing wheel.

Rumor: Does Mario Kart 8 have 30 playable characters?

Apr 15th - Mario Kart 8 is going to have tons of playable characters, according to a new shot of the player selection screen.

Deal: Amazon has the Wii Fit Meter for $10

Apr 15th - Amazon is offering a great deal on Wii Fit Meters for those of you who haven't picked one up yet.

Princess Peach is getting her own Wii Remote

Apr 15th - Princess Peach is joining the ranks of characters with their own Wii remote designs.

Let’s Talk Smash: Your 5 favorite moments from the Nintendo Direct

Apr 14th - We asked what your favorite announcements were during the last Nintendo Direct and this is how you responded!

Guacamelee! developers announce new game called Severed

Apr 14th - Drinkbox Studios' new direction ventures even more into the macabre with the announcement of Severed.

Ubisoft shows us the world of Lemuria in new Child of Light trailer

Apr 14th - Ubisoft's new trailer for Child of Light shows several locations in the world of Lemuria.

Transformers Rise of the Dark Spark trailer

Apr 14th - Check out the trailer for Transformers Rise of the Dark Spark, coming to Wii U this June.

Sony president Shuhei Yoshida reveals he was banned from Miiverse twice

Apr 14th - Yoshida discusses how he got banned from Miiverse twice in a new interview about the game industry at large.

LEGO The Hobbit gameplay video

Apr 12th - New video showcases some 20 minutes of Wii U gameplay from the upcoming LEGO game.

Ubisoft’s online store lists Watch Dogs for Wii U as Fall 2014

Apr 11th - Ubisoft's online store has listed Watch Dogs for Wii U as a Fall 2014 title.

Golden Sun and F-Zero make their Wii U eShop debut next week

Apr 11th - Here's a look at the two games coming to next week's Wii U virtual console, Golden Sun and F-Zero Maximum Velocity.

Super Mario 3D World soundtrack now available on Club Nintendo Europe

Apr 11th - The Super Mario 3D World soundtrack has just become available on the European Club Nintendo page!

Tomodachi Life could be possible for Wii U, says producer

Apr 11th - Tomodachi Life producer Yoshio Sakamoto says a console version of the game could be possible.