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Shovel Knight will be delayed past March 31 release date

Mar 13th - Yacht Club Games have announced that Shovel Knight will be delayed by a few weeks for finishing touches.

Food for Thought: What if Bowser’s the good guy?

Mar 12th - You read that right! In this week's installment of "The Zorpix Den of Conspiracy", I discuss my thoughts on the secret plot behind Super Mario 3D World.

Sonic Boom developer discusses focus audience and changes to the series

Mar 12th - New Sonic Boom interview takes a look at the target audience for the game, as well as Sonic's storied history.

Aonuma discusses linearity in Zelda titles, says series should depart from recent entries

Mar 12th - Aonuma discusses the linearity of past Zelda titles and the new design approach to capture a sense of wonder in the game.

Nintendo will be showcasing several indie games at GDC

Mar 12th - Nintendo will be at GDC next week showcasing indie games and the Nintendo Web Framework.

Pure Chess coming to Wii U & 3DS March 20

Mar 12th - Pure Chess is coming to the Nintendo eShop on March 20.

Japanese sales numbers – Wii U stable, PS Vita edges out 3DS

Mar 12th - Wii U sales seem to be stable in Japan, as Sony's PS Vita manages to edge out the 3DS for second spot this week.

Monster Hunter creator discusses why MH4 isn’t on Wii U

Mar 11th - Monster Hunter series creator Ryozo Tsujimoto discusses why the Nintendo 3DS was the focus for Monster Hunter 4.

New details surface about Watch Dogs delay

Mar 11th - Creative director Jonathan Morin discusses why Ubisoft decided to delay the title at the last minute of 2013.

New games available for March at Club Nintendo

Mar 11th - New games have been added as Club Nintendo rewards for March.

Nintendo opens new website to showcase indie games

Mar 11th - Nintendo opens a new website with an indie theme to showcase stellar Wii U and Nintendo 3DS titles.

Nintendo will make an appearance at Gamescom this year

Mar 11th - Once again Nintendo will be attending Gamescom, the largest video game trade show in Europe.

Armillo has been delayed until May

Mar 11th - Fuzzy Wuzzy Games says that delaying Armillo will make the game a more enjoyable experience for everyone.

Here’s the first look at Nintendo’s new development studio

Mar 11th - Here's a look at the brand new building that will house all future hardware development for Nintendo.

Pre-orders for Mario Kart 8 are back up on Amazon

Mar 11th - Mario Kart 8 pre-orders are back on Amazon after having disappeared for two weeks.

Will Watch Dogs be Ubisoft’s last big budget title for Wii U?

Mar 10th - Will Watch Dogs be the last big budget title from Ubisoft that receives a Wii U release?

CastleStorm DLC The Warrior Queen coming this week to the eShop

Mar 10th - Zen Studios has announced the latest piece of DLC for CastleStorm will be available this Thursday.