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Super Mario 3D World wins Best Multiplayer award at SXSW

Mar 10th - Super Mario 3D World takes the Best Multiplayer award from South By Southwest over the weekend.

Nintendo promotes Mario Kart 8 with real-life karting

Mar 9th - Nintendo does some clever Mario Mark 8 promoting at SXSW.

Nintendo offering refurbished Wii U Deluxe for $200

Mar 8th - Nintendo is offering refurbished Wii U consoles on its US website for just $200.

Square Enix seeking feedback about Kingdom Hearts 3

Mar 7th - Square Enix is asking for fan feedback surrounding Kingdom Hearts 3.

Pure Chess finally approved for Wii U eShop

Mar 7th - Pure Chess has been approved for release in the Wii U eShop.

Earthlock: Festival of Magic Kickstarter returns for JRPG magic

Mar 7th - Earthlock: Festival of Magic Kickstarter is now live, showcasing new art and more details about the game.

CoD: Ghosts gets Free Fall map with update

Mar 6th - Recent update provides stability fixes and a free multiplayer map.

Ubisoft says Watch Dogs Wii U still on, 2014 release possible

Mar 6th - Watch Dogs for Wii U is still coming despite its delayed release date thanks to the GamePad.

Nicalis co-founder says Gamepad was a mistake

Mar 6th - Tyrone Rodriguez claims GamePad was a bigger waste of time and money than Kinect.

Shaq wants your help to remake Shaq Fu

Mar 6th - Shaq wants your help recreating Shaq Fu into something a little less sucky than the original game.

Europe getting special Mario Kart 8 bundle

Mar 6th - Europe is getting a special bundle for Mario Kart 8 that contains a spiny shell statue and the game.

Watch Dogs coming May 27th for other consoles, Wii U still delayed

Mar 6th - Watch Dogs will be coming May 27th to other consoles, while the Wii U version is still delayed with no release date.

Should Kingdom Hearts 3 be released on Wii U?

Mar 5th - On this week's Zorpix Den, we're going to be talking about Kingdom Hearts III, and whether or not I think we'll see it on the Wii U!

Two Tribes is bringing another game to Wii U

Mar 5th - Two Tribes hints at bringing another of their classic games to the Wii U eShop.

Miiverse receives minor update to allow better sorting

Mar 5th - A new update to Miiverse now allows for commenting sorting by popularity on a specific date.

New Pier Solar HD trailer shows off gameplay

Mar 5th - New trailer shows off more gameplay from Pier Solar HD.

Ubisoft releases Child of Light co-op teaser trailer

Mar 5th - A new trailer from Ubisoft shows how Child of Light co-op works.