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Nintendo releasing Luigi Wii Remote and Nintendo Land bundle

Nov 26th - Nintendo is releasing a Luigi Wii Remote and Nintendo Land bundle this holiday season.

Target offering $25 gift card with purchase of any Wii U bundle

Nov 26th - Target is currently giving $25 gift cards with the purchase of a Wii U bundle.

Nintendo releases Infographic to show why Wii U is the best choice this holiday season

Nov 26th - NIntendo has released a new infographic highlighting why consumers should choose Wii U over the competition this holiday season.

Rumor: Pikmin designer working on original game at Nintendo

Nov 26th - In a discussion on Twitter, Tekken producer Katsuhiro Harada has revealed Pikmin designer Masamichi Abe is working on an original title.

Who won the next-gen console launch? Why, the Wii U! [VIDEO]

Nov 25th - Now that next-gen consoles are finally here and can be considered current-gen, which launch line up reigns supreme?

Festival of Magic Kickstarter is live, help bring this RPG to Wii U!

Nov 25th - Festival of Magic is a Japanese-inspired turn-based RPG that is heading to Wii U, but you can help fund the game on Kickstarter right now!

Reggie says the Wii U won’t experience a drought in 2014

Nov 25th - Reggie admits Nintendo made mistakes with the Wii U launch, but says there will be no game drought in 2014.

A universal age ratings system will launch worldwide next year

Nov 25th - PEGI has detailed a new rating system scheduled to come into effect next year.

Warner Bros. confirms LEGO The Hobbit game for Wii U and 3DS

Nov 25th - Warner Bros. has confirmed that LEGO The Hobbit will be coming to Wii U and Nintendo 3DS in 2014.

Check out this huge Wii U and 3DS display at Toys R Us

Nov 25th - Mario and Zelda light up the darkness in this awesome display at Toys R Us. Photos inside.

New Wii U TV commercial pitches Wii Sports Club

Nov 24th - Nintendo's new TV ad has kids pitching the new Wii Sports Club to their parents.

Super Mario 3D World “accolades” trailer

Nov 23rd - New trailer shows all the great things various reviewers had to say about the new Mario game.

A look back at Wii U: Year one

Nov 22nd - How does Nintendo's vision for its unique console hold up now that we've had a full year to consider it?

Analysts lower expected lifetime sales of Wii U to 25 million

Nov 22nd - A new analyst report being published soon lowers the expected lifetime sales of Wii U down to just 25 million.

Reggie Fils-Aime drops teaser for Spike VGX awards

Nov 22nd - In a recent interview with Game Trailers, Reggie says you can expect something from Nintendo at the Spike VGX awards.

German EA survey has no mention of Nintendo products

Nov 21st - EA completely ignores Nintendo consoles in its latest survey sent to users concerning gaming platforms.

Have your Animal Crossing character made into a handmade figurine

Nov 21st - Nintendo still might be busy figuring out what it's going to do next with its Animal Crossing series, but you can make a decision to bring one of these awesome figurines home right now.