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Mutant Mudds developer says Wii U version sold more than other platforms combined

Feb 13th - Mutant Mudds Deluxe creator says the Wii U version has outsold three other released platforms so far.

Nintendo Direct tomorrow at 5PM EST

Feb 12th - A brand new Nintendo Direct is coming tomorrow at 5pm EST and will focus on the spring catalog.

Sonic Boom or Sonic Bust?

Feb 12th - This week on the Zorpix Den, I discuss my complaints and my compliments on Sega's new rebranding of a childhood hero.

Check out the evolution of the home-run bat in Super Smash Bros.

Feb 12th - Here's a look at the home-run bat through the years.

The home-run bat is back in Super Smash Bros.

Feb 12th - The home-run bat is back in Super Smash Bros. with a color change.

Japanese weekly sales 2/3 – 2/9

Feb 12th - Here's a look at last week's sales in Japan, where a new Dragon's Quest release reigns supreme on the software side.

Skylanders series makes 2 billion dollars worldwide

Feb 12th - Activision's Skylanders series is paying off in leaps and bounds since its creation in 2011.

Video comparison of DKC: Returns and DKC: Tropical Freeze

Feb 11th - Here's a look at Donkey Kong Country: Returns and Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze side by side.

Nintendo will assume distribution of games in Austria

Feb 11th - Nintendo has announced that it will cease its partnership with Austrian distributor Stadblauer and distribute its games itself.

Nintendo game for Wii U reportedly coming, not Star Fox or F-Zero

Feb 11th - According to ONM, a new Nintendo game is going to be announced soon. We don't know what it is, but we have a good idea what it's not.

Gameplay trailer for Ittle Dew on Wii U

Feb 11th - Check out Ludosity's Ittle Dew, a tongue-in-cheek puzzle adventure that takes inspiration from the Legend of Zelda series.

Wii U has exceeded the Xbox 360 lifetime sales in Japan

Feb 11th - The Wii U has surpassed the lifetime sales of the Xbox 360 in Japan.

ReVen Kickstarter meets funding goal

Feb 11th - With the base game funded, the game is well on its way to getting GamePad support for the Wii U.

Here’s a look at the DKC: Tropical Freeze overworld map [VIDEO]

Feb 10th - Here's a look at the overworld map featured in Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze.

Punch Out! and Super Mario RPG are Club Nintendo’s featured games for February

Feb 10th - Club Nintendo has updated their featured games for February, including Punch-Out!! and Super Mario RPG.

Wii U accounts for less than 5% of Ubisoft’s sales

Feb 10th - Ubisoft's financial report for Q3 2013/14 is in and the Wii U accounts for less than 5% of total sales across all platforms.

Watch Dogs for Wii U is still coming, but it’s delayed behind other versions

Feb 10th - According to Ubisoft's financial Q3 conference call, Watch Dogs for Wii U is still in development but will be delayed.