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New Scram Kitty and his Buddy on Rails trailer

Feb 6th - Check out the new trailer for Scram Kitty and His Buddy on Rails.

Sega says 2014 is the year of Sonic

Feb 6th - Move over Luigi, 2014 is the year of Sonic according to Sega.

Miiverse receives minor update with new features

Feb 6th - Miiverse receives minor update with new features.

Monster Hunter Frontier G could be headed to other territories

Feb 5th - In a recent interview, the desire to bring Capcom's epic MMORPG to other regions was expressed by the game's producer.

New Smash Bros. screenshot showcases Palkia

Feb 5th - A new screenshot from the Super Smash Bros. development page shows off Palkia.

Shin’en will announce their 2nd Wii U title in a few days

Feb 5th - Shin'en Multimedia will announce their second Wii U title in just a few days.

Retro City Rampage not getting a Wii U release

Feb 5th - Retro City Rampage isn't coming to Wii U, but that doesn't mean you can't play the game on your Wii U.

Japanese sales charts – 1/27 – 2/2

Feb 5th - Here's a look at Japanese sales charts for last week.

Check out the new Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze at 60fps

Feb 4th - Check out the new Donkey Kong Country: Tropical freeze trailer available at 60fps.

Shin’en reveals Fast Racing Neo will support multiple control methods

Feb 4th - Shin'en Multimedia has confirmed that Fast Racing Neo will have support for multiple control methods.

Sega has confirmed that previous Sonic info is ‘incorrect’

Feb 4th - Sega has released a statement saying the Sonic information that leaked yesterday is incorrect.

Ubisoft has abandoned the Watch Dogs trademark [Update 2]

Feb 3rd - Ubisoft has abandoned one of its Watch Dogs trademarks, according to a USPTO filing.

GameFans Podcast #31 – Iwata’s been kidnapped

Feb 3rd - The GameFans crew discuss the big changes at Nintendo, rumors of a Titanfall Xbox One, and software updates for the PS4.

Here’s the North American TV spot for DKC: Tropical Freeze

Feb 3rd - Here's a look at the brand new TV commercial for Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze.

Sonic is coming to the Wii U… and other platforms in 2015

Feb 3rd - A new Sonic game will be launching in 2015 on Wii U, as well as other platforms.

A World for Keflings is coming to Wii U

Feb 3rd - Ninja Bee is bringing A World of Keflings to Wii U some time this year.

Emily Rogers says Ubisoft isn’t discussing Wii U Watch Dogs [RUMOR]

Feb 3rd - Emily Rogers says Ubisoft isn't discussing the Wii U version of Watch Dogs.