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Nintendo discusses “integrated” handhelds and consoles with investor

Feb 3rd - Iwata gives his reasons why the company is looking at integrated hardware for its next generation of console and handhelds.

Nintendo is developing a mobile app for smartphones

Feb 3rd - Nintendo apps are heading your way. The word 'game' was mentioned.

Wind Waker HD, Super Mario 3D World sales surpass 1 million each

Feb 2nd - Three Wii U games from last Fall have surpassed 1 million in sales worldwide.

Sony buys factory that makes Wii U chips

Feb 1st - Sony is the new owner of a factory that makes Wii U DRAM chips. But Nintendo is already looking for new partners.

Batman: Arkham Origins DLC cancelled for Wii U

Jan 31st - Sad news for Wii U owners who got a season pass for Batman: Arkham Origins, as there will be no more new DLC for the platform.

Retro Studios hiring more staff

Jan 31st - Retro Studios is looking for more staff members to help with AI programming. Could this hint at their next big game?

Deal: Newegg selling WWHD Wii U & 2 games for $270

Jan 31st - Newegg is currently offering a huge steal for potential new Wii U owners.

Lucario confirmed for Super Smash Bros.

Jan 31st - Sakurai has revealed Lucario for the new Super Smash Bros. game.

Super Indie Connection Sale live on U.S. eShop!

Jan 31st - January 30th through February 13th get 60% off all other games if you own one in the collection.

Iwata says mergers and new game studio acquisitions are a possibility

Jan 31st - Nintendo president Satoru Iwata discusses Nintendo's past as well as its future in a recent interview.

Summer update to bring quick start menu feature to Wii U [VIDEO]

Jan 31st - Concept video details how you'll be able to start games twice as fast.

Nintendo DS games coming to Wii U Virtual Console

Jan 30th - Nintendo talks about bringing DS games onto the Wii U Virtual Console.

Dreamcast developer has plans for Wii U and 3DS

Jan 30th - Dreamcast developer talks about porting game to Nintendo consoles.

Nintendo confirms Mario Kart 8 coming sometime in May

Jan 30th - Gibson mentions that Nintendo are implementing a fast start up of the Gamepad designed to access off-tv play quickly.

New Smash Bros. screenshot with mechanics explanation

Jan 30th - Sakurai released a new Super Smash Bros screenshot on Miiverse today!

Nintendo could offer flexible price points for loyal customers

Jan 30th - Iwata announces Nintendo could begin to offer flexible price points for their loyal customers.

Iwata announces new business strategy for Nintendo

Jan 30th - Nintendo president Satoru Iwata has outlined a new direction for Nintendo's business strategy.