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WarioWare Smooth Moves arrives on Wii U eShop

Sep 15th - The Wario puzzle game is now on the Wii U via Virtual Console.

New Splatoon update is out

Sep 14th - Features a couple of minor changes.

The GameCube turns 15 years old today

Sep 13th - The 'Cube is 15.

Cartridges once again mentioned for the NX, this time in Zelda trademark filing

Sep 13th - Another hint that the NX will use a cartridge system.

First person puzzle game Soul Axiom coming to Wii U on September 29

Sep 12th - Finally, an indie game on the Wii U that isn't a 2D side scroller.

Newly released Zelda: Skyward Sword tops the Wii U eShop sales chart

Sep 11th - Straight to the top of the sales chart.

Miyamoto is against virtual reality because “we want families to play together”

Sep 10th - Nintendo still believes that families play video games together in the living room.

Indie arcade game SphereZor launches on Wii U

Sep 9th - Inspired by Pac-Man and Snake.

Nintendo is interested in bringing Amiibo to smartphones

Sep 9th - The technology is there and ready.

Miyamoto shares more details about Super Mario Run

Sep 8th - It's very simple to play. And it will also be released on Android next year.

Analyst expects Nintendo to unveil NX in early October

Sep 8th - Apparently it won't be revealed at the Tokyo Game Show next week.

Super Mario Run gets first gameplay trailer

Sep 7th - First look at the new Mario game for iPhone and iPad

Mario is coming to iPhone

Sep 7th - Shigeru Miyamoto took the stage during Apple's conference to reveal the new game

New mockup shows what the Nintendo NX might look like

Sep 6th - Not sure how accurate it is, but it does look interesting.

Sony CEO says Pokemon Go is a “game changer”, and they are getting into mobile gaming

Sep 5th - The success of Pokemon Go is making SOny "aggressively" get into mobile gaming.