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Star Fox Zero credits has a tribute to Satoru Iwata [VIDEO]

Apr 11th - Star Fox Zero has a special tribute to Satoru Iwata in the end credits.

Star Fox Zero frame rate analysis shows game dip well below 60 fps

Apr 10th - Video analysis shows the game doesn't always run at 60 fps.

Minecraft is getting a physical release on the Wii U

Apr 9th - The top-selling eShop game is getting a physical release soon.

Updated Mario Maker Guidelines still don’t explain random deletions

Apr 8th - Nintendo has updated their guidelines for Mario Maker courses, but they're not as descriptive as they could be.

Expect big Zelda Wii U news at E3 this year

Apr 8th - Looks like we won't be seeing any news about Zelda Wii U until E3, but expect this year's presentation to be huge!

First wave of Sheldon’s Picks coming with Splatoon 2.7.0 update

Apr 8th - A new update for Splatoon is on the way, including the first batch of Sheldon's Picks, which are special variety weapons.

Is Monolith Productions working on a Nintendo NX title?

Apr 8th - Monolith Productions is seeking a Quality Assurance Manager with experience with all three major console platforms. Could they be working on an NX title?

Pre-load Star Fox Zero today with a discount on Star Fox Guard

Apr 7th - Star Fox Zero is now available for pre-purchase and pre-load digitally, with a discount on Star Fox Guard.

Minecraft on Wii U got a new patch today with 27 new skins

Apr 6th - Achievements, changes to how sprinting works, and several bug fixes also make up the bulk of the update.

Nintendo has filed a patent for an object detection device

Apr 6th - Nintendo filed a patent for an object detection device back in 2014. The details for the patent just went live.

Video comparison of Star Fox Zero, Star Fox 64, and Star Fox SNES [VIDEO]

Apr 5th - Take a look at this video comparison of three major Star Fox games to see how the series has evolved into Star Fox Zero.

What’s going on with Mighty No. 9?

Apr 5th - We're nearing the end of the Spring 2016 quarter and not a peep about Mighty No. 9. Could the game be delayed again?

New NX rumor suggests x86 architecture and smartphone compatibility

Apr 4th - A new leak about the Nintendo NX on reddit suggests that the device will be able to interface with smartphone apps and will be based on x86 architecture.

AMD’s quarterly report suggests multiple new consoles

Apr 4th - AMD's quarterly earnings call suggests that more than just the Nintendo NX is on the way.

Another game industry analyst thinks the NX will launch in 2016

Apr 3rd - Place your bets now: 2016 or 2017?

You can get Bayonetta 2 for just 20 bucks on Amazon

Apr 3rd - One of the best Wii U games is dirt cheap right now.