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New information about Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze

Jan 14th - The next issue of Official Nintendo Magazine reveals new details about Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze.

Check out this new footage from the Project CARS developers

Jan 14th - Here's a firsthand look of new footage from Project CARS and what you can expect once the game is finally released.

Nintendo finally issues apology for lack of TVii in Europe

Jan 14th - Nintendo has finally issued a public apology to Europeans for the lack of TVii in 2013.

New Super Mario 3D World plushes headed to Japan

Jan 13th - Check out these amazingly cute Super Mario 3D World plushes that will be released in Japan in April.

Indie developer chimes in on the “Wii U anonymous developer story”

Jan 13th - An indie developer has chimed in on the rumor that the Wii U is hard to develop for.

Retro Studios hiring four new team members

Jan 13th - Retro Studios is hiring for new positions, with one including a concept artist. Could a new project be underway?

Deal Alert: Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag and more on sale at Amazon

Jan 13th - Amazon has a few great deals on Wii U games, with several must pick up titles being marked down.

New Super Smash Bros U screenshots showcase Zelda

Jan 12th - The latest batch of Super Smash Bros U screenshots showcase one of the newest characters: Zelda

Nintendo valued as a bigger company than Sony

Jan 11th - The success of the 3DS and the lift of the console ban in China both attribute to Nintendo's high market value.

GameFans Podcast #29 – The New Year is On!

Jan 11th - The GameFans podcast is back into the swing of things after the first of the year, discussing PlayStation Now, Titanfall, and Nintendo patent disputes.

Nintendo officially lowers Wii U sales forecast

Jan 11th - Nintendo lowers sales forecast from 6.8 million to a more realistic 4.3 million.

Nintendo needs to improve their marketing strategy for 2014 [VIDEO]

Jan 10th - John Zaccari examines Nintendo’s current marketing campaign, and makes suggestions for future advertisements.

King Dedede announced for Super Smash Bros.

Jan 10th - King Dedede makes his triumphant return to Super Smash Brothers!

Deal Alert: Best Buy & Amazon currently have Wii Fit U for $65

Jan 10th - Amazon and Best Buy currently have a deal on Wii Fit U bundles, selling for $65 instead of $89.

Super Mario 3D World nominated for GDC Game of the Year

Jan 9th - Super Mario 3D World has been nominated for a GDC Game of the Year award.

New footage of Bayonetta 2 running at 60fps [VIDEO]

Jan 9th - Here's a brand new look at Bayonetta 2, running at 60fps.

Two Tribes closing after poor Toki Tori 2 sales, plans to reboot

Jan 8th - Two Tribes announced today that the development team has been shuttered and will reform under a new name with less staff.