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Shin’en developer working on another Wii U game

Jan 6th - Shin'en developer Martin Sauter discusses his unannounced Wii U project.

Nintendo’s new headquarters construction is underway

Jan 6th - Here's a look at Nintendo's new headquarters that will house its unified console and handheld engineering department.

Japanese Wii U has thousands of streaming anime episodes

Jan 6th - Over 10,000 streaming anime episodes on the Wii U, but only on the Japanese Wii U.

Nintendo must use the Eternal Darkness trademark or lose it

Jan 6th - Nintendo have a few months to use the Eternal Darkness trademark or risk losing it.

European mega retailer is dumping Wii U inventory at $99 Euros a pop

Jan 5th - German retailer Media Marks appears to be clearing out inventory in Belgium with huge discounts.

Ex-Famitsu editor says what we all know: Wii U needs killer games

Jan 4th - Enterbrian President and former Famitsu editor in chief says the Wii U needs "killer games" to be "Resurrected".

Top 10 Wii U predictions for 2014

Jan 3rd - Here's a look at our top ten predictions for the Wii U during the 2014 year.

Wii Fit U is heading to retailers on January 10th

Jan 3rd - Nintendo has officially announced the availability of Wii Fit U for retail stores.

Macroaxis predicts Nintendo only has 22% chance of failure in the next two years

Jan 3rd - According to an investment analyst tool, Nintendo's chance of failure is much less than Sony's.

Luigi’s Mansion figurine is sold out on Club Nintendo

Jan 3rd - Hope you managed to get it before it sold out, as 1500 coins is rich!

Nintendo eShop deals and downloads – January 2

Jan 2nd - Here's a look at the Nintendo deals and downloads for the week of January 2.

New music on the Wii U eShop for the new year

Jan 2nd - Nintendo changes the background music on the Wii U eShop in time for the new year.

New trailer for Dr. Luigi shows new modes

Jan 2nd - A new trailer for Dr. Luigi shows off several new modes for the game.

Here’s how one retailer deals with extra Wii Mini stock

Jan 2nd - A disappointing look at how the Wii Mini is being marketed in one retail location leads us to ask, was this commonplace over the holidays?

Did any of our predictions for 2013 come true?

Jan 2nd - Here's a look back at Wii U Daily's predictions for 2013 and whether or not they came true. Onward into 2014!

Happy New Year from Wii U Daily!

Jan 1st - From the entire staff here at Wii U Daily, we wish you a happy and safe New Year!

Rumor: Wii U outsold Xbox One the week before Christmas

Jan 1st - According to VGChartz, a controversial statistics website, the Wii U managed to pull ahead of the Xbox One the week before Christmas.