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Wii U more than capable of providing the Project CARS core experience

Dec 27th - Andy Tudor of Slightly Mad Studios tells us he can hear the fans of realistic racing games crying for the game on the Wii U.

Nintendo will be performing maintenance on the eShop today

Dec 27th - Nintendo will be performing extended maintenance on the Nintendo eShop today.

Notch denies Minecraft is coming to Wii U

Dec 27th - Notch has confirmed that Minecraft for the Wii U is not currently in development.

Nintendo eShop having problems after the holidays, Nintendo acknowledges problem

Dec 26th - Nintendo acknowledges some customers are having difficulty accessing the Nintendo eShop after the influx of new consoles.

Wii U Daily asks, what did you get this holiday season?

Dec 26th - Get any new games you want to play with friends this holiday season? Let us know!

Wii U sells nearly 110k consoles in one week in Japan

Dec 26th - Sales in Japan for the Wii U continue to rise week over week, with the largest jump we've seen yet.

Zelda joins the roster for Super Smash Bros.

Dec 26th - Today Nintendo revealed Princess Zelda for Super Smash Bros!

Wii U Skylanders Bundle available for $220 today only

Dec 26th - The Skylanders SWAP Force Wii U bundle is discounted down to $219 for today only!

Happy Holidays from Wii U Daily!

Dec 25th - From the staff of Wii U Daily to our readers, we'd like to wish you happy holidays!

Free game and $25 gift card with purchase of Wii U at Best Buy [DEAL]

Dec 24th - Need a last minute excuse to buy somebody a Wii U? Best Buy has you covered, giving you roughly $75 worth of free stuff in the process.

Rumor: GameStop lists Bayonetta 2 for May 1st

Dec 23rd - Wii U exclusive Bayonetta 2 has been given a release date of May 1st by GameStop.

Huge list of indies on sale on the Wii U eShop right now

Dec 23rd - Looking to pick up a Wii U eshop game for a good sale price? Here's a list of all the games on sale right now!

Sony’s Shuhei Yoshida claims Wii U is “Just getting started”

Dec 23rd - We know Sony's President already owns two Wii U systems, but he publicly claimed he is optimistic about the console's future as well.

Nintendo releases another useless Wii U infomercial

Dec 22nd - Another lame Wii U infomercial tries to explain the console instead of generating buzz and excitement.

Wii U GamePad high-capacity battery now available in the US

Dec 21st - New battery retails for $32 and boosts GamePad play time to 8 hours.

GameFans Podcast #28: The end is nigh [VIDEO]

Dec 20th - Do not adjust your screen, there are three dudes on the GameFans Podcast.

Wii U Daily Games of the Year

Dec 20th - The poll's been closed and the votes have been counted. Here are your Wii U Daily games of the year.