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Super Ubie Land coming to the eShop in early 2014

Dec 11th - Notion Games proclaim to have Super Ubie Land finished by Christmas, but the game will see another name change.

Editorial: Zorpix gets “Cranky” about the VGX awards

Dec 11th - Zorpix has a few words to say about Nintendo's recent appearance at VGX, and it might not be pretty.

Monster Hunter Christmas card wins Capcom’s design contest

Dec 10th - Check out the awesome Monster Hunter themed card that won a contest held by Capcom UK.

New game downloads now available on Club Nintendo with a twist

Dec 10th - Nintendo has made four new Club Nintendo games available, but the advertising is a bit misleading.

Medical report shows Wii Fit can help control diabetes

Dec 10th - A research article suggests that playing Wii Fit can help improve physical activity, glucometabolic control and quality of life.

Latest 3DS update adds Miiverse and unified accounts for Wii U and 3DS

Dec 10th - Latest 3DS update adds Miiverse and unified Nintendo Network ID accounts for 3DS and Wii U.

Why the VGX Awards was an embarrassment to the gaming industry [VIDEO]

Dec 10th - John Zaccari gives his thoughts on the the big disappointment that was the VGX Awards.

Wii U and iPad Are Most Talked About Gifts on Twitter, Says Research Firm

Dec 10th - Rakuten says their internal research reveals more interest in the Wii U this holiday season than its competitors.

Watch the trailer for the upcoming The Lego Movie video game

Dec 10th - With lines like '...I'm here to see your butt' in this game, it looks to be a fun way to get settled into the first quarter of 2014.

Pachter chimes in on effect of PS4 and Xbox One launches on Wii U sales

Dec 10th - Wedbush Securities Analyst projects a 65% year-over-year drop in Wii U console sales.

Check out these pictures of the Wii U developer console

Dec 9th - Here's a quick gallery of the Wii U developer console that has been issued to official Nintendo developers.

Rumor: Nintendo possibly sending copyright claims against YouTube personalities again

Dec 9th - YouTube personalities that feature Nintendo games are reporting videos being taken down by copyright claims.

Best Buy offering Buy 1 Get 50% off deal for most Nintendo games

Dec 9th - You can pick up a handful of Nintendo games this week with Best Buy's buy one get 50% off deal.

Francis has something to say about Nintendo at VGX [VIDEO]

Dec 9th - Francis is at it again and this time his target is VGX. He also mentions a few disappointments in Nintendo's announcement as well.

Special Steel Diver weapon announced for Super Smash Bros.

Dec 9th - The submarine from Steel Diver has been transformed into a gun for players to use in Super Smash Bros.

Best Buy has Nintendo eShop cards for 20% [DEAL]

Dec 9th - Best Buy offers up super deals on Nintendo eShop cards this week through Sunday, December 15.

Cranky Kong playable character confirmed by Reggie at 2013 VGX awards [VIDEO]

Dec 9th - Eldest of the Kong family revealed as the fourth playable character in Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze.