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Pachter chimes in on effect of PS4 and Xbox One launches on Wii U sales

Dec 10th - Wedbush Securities Analyst projects a 65% year-over-year drop in Wii U console sales.

Check out these pictures of the Wii U developer console

Dec 9th - Here's a quick gallery of the Wii U developer console that has been issued to official Nintendo developers.

Rumor: Nintendo possibly sending copyright claims against YouTube personalities again

Dec 9th - YouTube personalities that feature Nintendo games are reporting videos being taken down by copyright claims.

Best Buy offering Buy 1 Get 50% off deal for most Nintendo games

Dec 9th - You can pick up a handful of Nintendo games this week with Best Buy's buy one get 50% off deal.

Francis has something to say about Nintendo at VGX [VIDEO]

Dec 9th - Francis is at it again and this time his target is VGX. He also mentions a few disappointments in Nintendo's announcement as well.

Special Steel Diver weapon announced for Super Smash Bros.

Dec 9th - The submarine from Steel Diver has been transformed into a gun for players to use in Super Smash Bros.

Best Buy has Nintendo eShop cards for 20% [DEAL]

Dec 9th - Best Buy offers up super deals on Nintendo eShop cards this week through Sunday, December 15.

Cranky Kong playable character confirmed by Reggie at 2013 VGX awards [VIDEO]

Dec 9th - Eldest of the Kong family revealed as the fourth playable character in Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze.

Here’s something exciting for 3DS owners tomorrow [RUMOR]

Dec 8th - The long awaited Miiverse update could just be a day away according to noted rumor leaker Emily Rogers.

Vote for Wii U Daily Game of the Year 2013

Dec 8th - The nominees have been decided. Come cast your vote for your favourite Wii U games of the past 12 months.

Wii U sells 650,000 software units in one year in the UK

Dec 8th - Sales of Wii U games in the UK have reached only 650k units over the last 12 months.

Watch the Spike VGX awards live here on Wii U Daily

Dec 7th - Watch the Spike VGX live stream right here on Wii U Daily.

How Grand Theft Auto might work on the Wii U

Dec 7th - A new concept shows how GTA might work on the Wii U if it was ever released on the console.

Skull Kid wearing Majora’s Mask is an assist trophy in Super Smash Bros.

Dec 6th - Skull Kid features in Super Smash Bros. as an assist trophy, not as a playable character.

Knytt Underground is headed to Wii U on December 19

Dec 6th - Critically acclaimed indie game Knytt Underground is heading to Wii U at the end of December.

GameFans #26 – They’re all here!

Dec 5th - The GameFans podcast is back again this week, discussing the upcoming Spike VGX awards and which console has the best UI.

Call of Duty: Ghosts has received an update on Wii U

Dec 5th - Call of Duty: Ghosts has received a patch on the Wii U, allowing players to mute individuals along with a massive list of other fixes.