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Nintendo has updated Miiverse with a new look

Nov 27th - Nintendo released an update today that changes the way Miiverse looks and the way some posts are displayed.

Nintendo partners with Southwest to give away Wii U consoles during a flight

Nov 26th - Nintendo has partnered with Southwest to advertise the Wii U for the holidays, giving a plane full of passengers new Wii U consoles.

Mario & Luigi: Dream Team Special Edition 3DS XL shows up at Walmart

Nov 26th - If that fancy new gold Zelda-themed 3DS XL bundle wasn't enough to make you part with your precious rupees, then maybe this snazzy silver Mario Bros. package will have you breaking bricks in search of coins.

New Footage of Mario Kart 8 gameplay [VIDEO]

Nov 26th - The headline says it all. It's new footage of Mario Kart 8, but with a slight caveat. Captured with some over the shoulder, shaky cam action, nevertheless it's still new footage of this highly anticipated game. If you look closely, you'll also notice the Gamepad and Wiimote/steering wheel combo are the controllers of choice in this demonstration.

Nintendo releasing Luigi Wii Remote and Nintendo Land bundle

Nov 26th - Nintendo is releasing a Luigi Wii Remote and Nintendo Land bundle this holiday season.

Target offering $25 gift card with purchase of any Wii U bundle

Nov 26th - Target is currently giving $25 gift cards with the purchase of a Wii U bundle.

Nintendo releases Infographic to show why Wii U is the best choice this holiday season

Nov 26th - NIntendo has released a new infographic highlighting why consumers should choose Wii U over the competition this holiday season.

Rumor: Pikmin designer working on original game at Nintendo

Nov 26th - In a discussion on Twitter, Tekken producer Katsuhiro Harada has revealed Pikmin designer Masamichi Abe is working on an original title.

Who won the next-gen console launch? Why, the Wii U! [VIDEO]

Nov 25th - Now that next-gen consoles are finally here and can be considered current-gen, which launch line up reigns supreme?

Festival of Magic Kickstarter is live, help bring this RPG to Wii U!

Nov 25th - Festival of Magic is a Japanese-inspired turn-based RPG that is heading to Wii U, but you can help fund the game on Kickstarter right now!

Reggie says the Wii U won’t experience a drought in 2014

Nov 25th - Reggie admits Nintendo made mistakes with the Wii U launch, but says there will be no game drought in 2014.

A universal age ratings system will launch worldwide next year

Nov 25th - PEGI has detailed a new rating system scheduled to come into effect next year.

Warner Bros. confirms LEGO The Hobbit game for Wii U and 3DS

Nov 25th - Warner Bros. has confirmed that LEGO The Hobbit will be coming to Wii U and Nintendo 3DS in 2014.

Check out this huge Wii U and 3DS display at Toys R Us

Nov 25th - Mario and Zelda light up the darkness in this awesome display at Toys R Us. Photos inside.

New Wii U TV commercial pitches Wii Sports Club

Nov 24th - Nintendo's new TV ad has kids pitching the new Wii Sports Club to their parents.

Super Mario 3D World “accolades” trailer

Nov 23rd - New trailer shows all the great things various reviewers had to say about the new Mario game.

A look back at Wii U: Year one

Nov 22nd - How does Nintendo's vision for its unique console hold up now that we've had a full year to consider it?