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Have your Animal Crossing character made into a handmade figurine

Nov 21st - Nintendo still might be busy figuring out what it's going to do next with its Animal Crossing series, but you can make a decision to bring one of these awesome figurines home right now.

GameFans Podcast #25 LIVE: Winner winner chicken dinner!

Nov 20th - Join our live podcast to find out who the winners of the MEGA Contest for all the GameFans sites are!

Cat suit Mario features on the cover of Edge Magazine this month

Nov 20th - The next issue of Edge Magazine features a very familiar face.

Fast Racing Neo from Shin’en will have “hyper real graphics”

Nov 20th - Shin'en has confirmed that their latest game Fast Racing Neo will have hyper real graphics thanks to the Wii U's improvements.

Japanese man arrested for threatening to bomb Nintendo headquarters

Nov 20th - A man has been arrested in Japan after threatening to kill Nintendo executives and bomb Nintendo headquarters.

Here’s how to unlock Rosalina in Super Mario 3D World [Spoiler]

Nov 20th - Here's a quick video explaining how to unlock Rosalina in Super Mario 3D World.

You can vote for Super Mario 3D World as Spike’s Game of the Year

Nov 19th - The annual Spike Video Game Awards are back and this year you can vote for Super Mario 3D World as Game of the Year.

Nintendo welcoming new UK 3DS owners with a free copy of Super Mario 3D Land

Nov 19th - UK residents who register a 3DS or 3DS XL system, along with an eligible game will receive a free download code for Super Mario 3D Land.

Is Nintendo working on a series of educational tablets?

Nov 19th - A software engineer at Nintendo of America shares details about an educational tablet under development.

New minor Wii U firmware update now available

Nov 19th - A minor firmware update is now available for the Wii U, bringing small improvements.

Nintendo finally releases commercial to explain differences between Wii & Wii U

Nov 19th - Check out this commercial from Nintendo that helps explain the differences between Wii and Wii U this holiday season.

Wii U Daily MEGA Contest: Week 4 Winner!

Nov 18th - Here's the final winner for the Wii U Daily MEGA Contest, with these four in the running for the Wii U console gift card!

Nintendo’s Christmas commercial for Nintendo 3DS brings the snark

Nov 18th - Nintendo's new Christmas commercial for the Nintendo 3DS trots out popular games and tons of systems.

Happy birthday, Wii U! You’re one year old today!

Nov 18th - The Wii U celebrates its 1st birthday just as Sony and Microsoft are ushering in their new consoles. What's your favorite Wii U experience so far?

Here’s the full list of malls for the Nintendo Holiday Experience tour

Nov 18th - Here's the full list of locations that will have the Nintendo Holiday Mall Experience visiting from November 25th to December 23rd.

New daily Super Smash Bros. shot shows Mario Galaxy stage

Nov 18th - New screenshot from Super Smash Bros. development shows off Starship Mario from Super Mario Galaxy.

Rayman Legends has received a permanent price cut on European eShop

Nov 18th - Rayman Legends received a permanent price cut in the European eShop this week.