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Wii Mini is coming to America this holiday season bundled with Mario Kart Wii

Nov 5th - Nintendo has announced that the Wii mini will be coming to the United States this holiday season.

Wii U Daily Mega Contest: Week 2 Winner!

Nov 4th - Wii U Daily, as well as our sister sites PS4Daily and Xbox One Daily recently announced a MEGA CONTEST for our readers.[.....]

No plans for Super Mario 3D World DLC, a more open world Mario is being considered

Nov 4th - Super Mario 3D World producer Yoshiaki Koizumi talks about DLC plans and open world Mario games.

Super Mario Bros. 3 coming to Wii U & 3DS eShop

Nov 4th - A listing for Super Mario Bros. 3 on Wii U and 3DS has been made on the official Nintendo website.

Nintendo Land gets price cut from $60 to $30

Nov 3rd - Nintendo permanently halves the price of the Wii U launch title.

Wii U sales almost doubled in the last quarter

Nov 2nd - Nintendo sold 300,000 Wii U consoles last quarter, fueled by Pikmin 3 and price cuts.

Eurogamer selects Super Mario Galaxy as its Game of the Generation

Nov 1st - Eurogamer has looked at the past generation of gaming and granted Super Mario Galaxy their Game of the Generation title.

Unboxing of the Mario & Luigi Wii Remotes [VIDEO]

Nov 1st - Check out this unboxing of the official Mario & Luigi Wii remotes!

Capcom offering pin with physical copies of DuckTales Remastered @Target

Nov 1st - Capcom is releasing a special edition Scrooge McDuck pin for those who buy DuckTales Remastered from Target.

Iwata believes the Wii Fit U trial will bring attention to the console

Nov 1st - Iwata says the Wii Fit U promotion will have a long-lasting affect on Wii U sales over the coming months.

Nintendo introduces the Wii Fit Meter in a new trailer

Nov 1st - Nintendo has released a new trailer showing off how the Fit Meter interacts with the new Wii Fit U.

GameFans Podcast #22 – Mega Contest, 1080p & Ashley Loses The Bet

Oct 31st - The GameFans crew is back again this week with 1080p gaming and the wrap up of the big bet!

New A Link Between Worlds trailers have great music and new gameplay

Oct 31st - Nintendo has released a brand new trailer for A Link Between Worlds, showcasing some of the game's music.

Iwata believes Super Mario 3D World will be a key title this holiday season

Oct 31st - Iwata has strong faith that Super Mario 3D World will be a flagship title for the Wii U this holiday season.

Super Mario 3D World will feature lots of live music

Oct 31st - The lead composer for Super Mario 3D World has revealed that the game will have several live tracks instead of synth music.

Iwata admits The Wonderful 101 & Pikmin 3 didn’t sell as well as hoped

Oct 31st - Iwata admits that Pikmin 3 and The Wonderful 101 didn't serve to increase Wii U sales like the company previously hoped.

Male Wii Fit Trainer confirmed as playable in Super Smash Bros.

Oct 31st - A development screenshot released for Super Smash Bros. shows both the male and female Wii Fit Trainer models.