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20 minutes of Wii Party U gameplay

Oct 26th - A new video shows many of the minigames from Wii Party U in action.

From the Forums – Mega Contest, Next NoA president, & Sochi Snowboarding

Oct 25th - Check out the latest posts from our Wii U forums community and be sure to enter our mega contest where you could win a Wii U!

Club Nintendo has several new pre-buy coin bonuses

Oct 25th - Nintendo has offered a 10 coin bonus for several games on Club Nintendo if you intend to purchase them.

Aonuma was not a fan of the LoZ GameCube tech demo

Oct 25th - Aonuma says the original tech demo for GameCube was not up to par with how Legend of Zelda games should be presented.

Skylanders Swap Force Wii U bundle announced

Oct 25th - Nintendo has announced a brand new Wii U bundle featuring Skylanders Swap Force and Nintendo Land.

The Best Secrets and Easter Eggs in Batman: Arkham City [VIDEO]

Oct 25th - To celebrate the release of Batman: Arkham Origins, John Zaccari runs down his favorite secrets and Easter Eggs from Arkham City.

New 3DS XL charging cradle coming to Club Nintendo

Oct 24th - Nintendo has announced a new Nintendo 3DS XL charger will be available on Club Nintendo this Halloween.

New PS4 trailer reveals Assassin’s Creed 4 & Watch Dogs DLC exclusive for 6 months

Oct 24th - According to a new trailer advertising the PlayStation 4, two of Ubisoft's upcoming titles will have PS4 exclusive DLC for six months.

Nintendo eShop deals & downloads – Oct. 24th

Oct 24th - This week sees a ton of third party games headed to Wii U, including Batman: Arkham Origins and Assassin's Creed IV.

Unepic developer releases official Wii U trailer

Oct 24th - A brand new trailer for the Wii U version of Unepic has been released.

Rumor: Nintendo considering giving Nintendo 64 games the HD treatment

Oct 24th - A new unsubstantiated rumor suggests that Nintendo could be seeking to give Nintendo 64 games the HD treatment.

Sonic Lost World stage confirmed for Super Smash Bros.

Oct 24th - An official screenshot for the Windy Hill zone from Sonic Lost World has been released for Super Smash Bros.

Japan getting new orange and turquoise 3DS XL colors

Oct 23rd - Two new limited edition Nintendo 3DS XL colors have been announced for Japan, featuring colored buttons.

New launch trailer for How to Survive, coming to Wii U soon

Oct 23rd - Here's the launch trailer for How to Survive, a survival zombie apocalypse game coming to Wii U soon.

Sony tested a touchscreen controller for PS4, similar to Wii U GamePad

Oct 23rd - Sony's iterations of the DualShock 4 controller ventured into Nintendo territory during early prototyping stages.

Nintendo releases an extended Super Mario 3D World trailer

Oct 23rd - A new six minute trailer for Super Mario 3D World shows off brand new gameplay footage.

New Batman: Arkham Origins launch trailer features Black Mask

Oct 23rd - The newest launch trailer for Batman: Arkham Origins shows off the Black Mask and new combat moves.