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Wii U colors to be revealed with price and launch date

Aug 9th - Possible launch colors to be revealed next month.

Wii U GamePad faceplates available for pre-order

Aug 9th - Nintendo will license faceplates for the Wii U. The first one is already up for pre-order at Amazon.

Game Party Champions coming exclusively to Wii U

Aug 8th - New Wii U exclusive features sports and arcade mini games for Nintendo's new console.

Nintendo sending Wii U promotional materials to retailers

Aug 8th - Display boxes and marketing materials appear at video game retailers in the UK and North America.

FIFA 13 on Wii U will look much better

Aug 8th - Enhancements include better crowd and more detailed pitch.

Wii U box art confirmed real

Aug 8th - The Wii U game cover design will in fact be very similar to GameCube covers.

Wii U box art leaked by Amazon?

Aug 7th - New cover design is similar to GameCube, according to leaks from Amazon.

Battlefield 3 canceled on Wii U, Battlefield 4 is coming

Aug 6th - The Battlefield 4 team is working on a Wii U version set for release in 2013 according to a source.

Capcom has “some good stuff” coming to Wii U

Aug 6th - Despite no official Capcom Wii U games yet, the publisher says they'll have a surprise for us soon.

FIFA 13 Wii U showcase video

Aug 5th - New football/soccer gameplay shows the touchscreen controls in action.

Mass Effect 3 Wii U gameplay video

Aug 4th - New gameplay video reveals the Wii U touchscreen controller features and details.

EA wanted to integrate Origin into Wii U

Aug 4th - EA wanted a deal where all of Wii U's online systems were run by its Origin network.

The Last Story developer thinks Wii U is great for JRPGs

Aug 4th - The Wii U GamePad controller will work great for Japanese role playing games, says developer Mistwalker.

Madden NFL 13 Wii U is missing key features

Aug 3rd - Key features are missing from the Wii U version, including the brand new physics engine.

Ubisoft: Wii U could be more popular than Wii

Aug 3rd - The touchscreen controller can take the Wii U further than the Wii, believes ZombiU producer.

Madden NFL 13 Wii U screenshots

Aug 3rd - The first screenshots show the game looking pretty good so far.

Mass Effect 3 Wii U screenshots

Aug 2nd - The first glimpse at Mass Effect 3 on the Wii U console. And it looks pretty darn good.