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Just Dance 2014 to be sold with Wii Remote Plus

Sep 30th - Just Dance 2014 will have a Wii Remote Plus bundle in addition to being sold as a standalone game.

Rumor: Wii U firmware update could be kicked off by Nintendo Direct tomorrow

Sep 30th - According to an email received by a customer, a Nintendo technician says there's a big update on the way tomorrow.

Assassin’s Creed 4 for Wii U delayed in the UK

Sep 30th - Ubisoft has announced that Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag for Wii U will be delayed in the UK.

New SteamWorld Dig game already in development

Sep 30th - Image & Form has confirmed its already working on a sequel for the highly popular SteamWorld Dig: A Fistful of Dirt.

Shadow of the Eternals project has been put on hold

Sep 30th - The Shadow of the Eternals project has been shelved by Precursor Games.

Mighty No. 9 offers first look at game engine [VIDEO]

Sep 30th - Mighty No. 9 shows off rough in-game footage for the first time since the project launched.

China is poised to lift 13-year ban on gaming consoles

Sep 30th - China will be lifting the 13 year ban on video game consoles, allowing Microsoft, Nintendo, and Sony officially into the country.

Nintendo Direct for Wii U and 3DS headed our way tomorrow

Sep 30th - Nintendo has announced a brand new Nintendo Direct tomorrow for both Nintendo 3DS and the Wii U.

Nintendo Network maintenance has been extended for September 30th

Sep 29th - Maintenance for September 30th will last nine hours instead of the standard four.

Some off-screen footage of upcoming Wii U games

Sep 29th - New off-screen gameplay videos of Tengami, QUBE, and other upcoming eShop titles.

Batman Arkham Origins will be cheaper on Wii U

Sep 28th - WB Games confirms that the Wii U version will retail for $50 -- $10 cheaper than other versions.

[UPDATE] WiiUDaily Giveaway: Win some Club Nintendo Rewards [CLOSED]

Sep 28th - I hope you’ve all been listening to the GameFans Podcast featuring our dear WiiUDaily editor Ashley King, as[.....]

From the Forums: Photoshopped Game Cases, Iwata’s Legacy, & Gaikai for Wii U

Sep 27th - We take a look at some of the topics on the Wii U forums over the past week, including a look at Iwata's legacy for Nintendo.

Nintendo UK teams up with Tesco to increase Wii U awareness

Sep 27th - Nintendo UK is teaming up with Tesco in order to increase brand awareness for the Wii U.

Bravely Default gets its first English language trailer

Sep 27th - The first English trailer for Bravely Default is now available, showing off new English voice acting and additions to the game.

Let’s Talk Smash: Who is your favorite character not announced yet?

Sep 27th - With the recent announcements for Super Smash Bros. characters, who is your favorite that hasn't been confirmed?

Special edition Pokemon X & Y 3DS XL now available in stores

Sep 27th - The special edition Pokemon X & Y Nintendo 3DS XL systems are now available in stores across the country.