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Wii U games run in 720p

Jun 6th - While the Wii U technically supports 1080p resolution, current Wii U games only run in 720p, Wii U[.....]

WiiWare and Virtual Console games can be transferred to Wii U

Jun 6th - Good news for Wii owners: you will be able to transfer your old WiiWare games, Virtual Console games,[.....]

ZombiU screenshots

Jun 5th - Ubisoft has released a few ZombiU screenshots. The game was showcased during Nintendo’s E3 press conference and showed[.....]

Nintendo Wii U hardware specs revealed

Jun 5th - Nintendo has revealed the Wii U hardware specs here at E3, but only the “outside” stuff such as[.....]

New Super Mario Bros U screenshots

Jun 5th - Nintendo today revealed New Super Mario Bros U for the Wii U console, and now they have released[.....]

Nintendo announces Game & Wario for Wii U

Jun 5th - Nintendo has announced Wario & Game for the Wii U. While the game didn’t fit in during the[.....]

White and Black Wii U colors confirmed

Jun 5th - Nintendo will be offering both a white and black Wii U console at launch. After much speculation, Nintendo[.....]

Pikmin 3 gameplay video

Jun 5th - Pikmin 3 was revealed just hours ago, and the first gameplay video from Nintendo’s E3 press conference has[.....]

Nintendo Land announced for Wii U

Jun 5th - Nintendo Land has just been announced for the Wii U, and is to the Wii U what Wii[.....]

Wii U to support dual GamePad controllers

Jun 5th - It’s official, Nintendo just revealed that the Wii U will support dual GamePad tablet controllers in the future,[.....]

Pikmin 3 for Wii U revealed

Jun 5th - As expected, Pikmin 3 is coming to the Wii U, as Nintendo’s Shigeru Miyamoto just took the stage[.....]

Wii U pro controller and GamePad photos

Jun 5th - Nintendo revealed the Wii U Pro controller and the Wii U GamePad yesterday via Nintendo Direct, and both[.....]

Assassin’s Creed 3 gameplay video

Jun 4th - Ubisoft announced today 8 new Wii U games, including two exclusives: ZombiU and Rayman Legends. However, another major[.....]

Ubisoft reveals 8 Wii U games

Jun 4th - Ubisoft today showed that they’re the biggest Wii U supporter out there, revealing 8 Wii U games that[.....]

ZombiU for Wii U revealed by Ubisoft

Jun 4th - Ubisoft just finished their E3 press conference where they unveiled several games for the Wii U, including ZombieU,[.....]

Wii U price and launch date coming tomorrow?

Jun 4th - Nintendo has said that they won’t reveal the Wii U price nor launch date at E3, but new[.....]

Black Wii U could be revealed at E3

Jun 4th - A black Wii U model could be unveiled at E3, if the latest Nintendo video is of any[.....]