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GameFans Podcast #6 – News, Q&A Time, and What We’re Playing

Jul 17th - Another great episode of the GameFans podcast is now live for your listening pleasure!

Rayman Legends dev demo shows off Luchador boss battle

Jul 17th - Developer Michel Ancel shows off some of Rayman Legends' new boss battles, featuring the luchador boss.

Wii U sales in Japan double after Pikmin 3 release

Jul 17th - Pikmin 3 is a huge system seller in Japan after only two days on the market for current sales statistics.

Capcom reveals why Chronicles of Mystara for Wii U was delayed

Jul 17th - Capcom finally discusses why Dungeons & Dragons: Chronicles of Mystara for Wii U didn't meet its June release date.

Pokemon Rumble U gets European release date

Jul 17th - The Pokemon Company has announced Pokemon Rumble U officially for Europe, releasing on August 15th.

Kamiya says he’d love to work on Bayonetta 3 if the second is successful

Jul 17th - Hideki Kamiya says he's up to create Bayonettta 3 if the second game in the series ends up being successful.

New Sonic Lost World colors trailer reveals October 22nd release date

Jul 16th - New Sonic Lost World trailer shows off Sonic's color-based powers.

Ubisoft’s new Assassin’s Creed 4 trailer shows off the pirate’s life

Jul 16th - A new Assassin's Creed 4: Black Flag trailer shows off the pirate life of Edward Kenway.

Deal Alert: Best Buy has white Wii U Pro controller for $25

Jul 16th - Best Buy is currently offering the white Wii U Pro controller for half off in its deal of the day.

Amazon UK slashes Wii U prices to match Asda

Jul 16th - Amazon UK and retailer Asda have both slashed the price of the Wii U yet again.

Shadow of the Eternals Kickstarter relaunching, considering other platforms

Jul 16th - Shadow of the Eternals will return to Kickstarter on July 25th, this time with other platforms considered.

Donkey Kong now available for .30 cents on Wii U

Jul 16th - Donkey Kong is the last game in Nintendo's $.30 virtual console promotion, available now.

Wii U Daily Readers: Do you want to see 3DS news?

Jul 15th - Wii U Daily is considering expanding our coverage to include 3DS news, but we want your opinion before this happens!

Pikmin 3 North America commercial shows off Pikmin army

Jul 15th - Nintendo has released the North American Pikmin 3 commercial to help advertise the game.

Aonuma says he’s getting tired of the Zelda formula

Jul 15th - Eiji Aonuma says he's getting tired of the current Legend of Zelda formula and hopes to mix it up for the next game.

Nintendo heading to Comic-Con with tons of Wii U games

Jul 15th - Nintendo is bringing a huge game line-up to Comic-Con this year.

Club Nintendo Elite rewards for 2013 announced

Jul 15th - The platinum and gold status rewards for Club Nintendo have been announced!