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EA Sports says it would develop for Wii U if it had the user base

Jul 2nd - EA Sports boss Andrew Wilson says EA Sports games aren't coming to Wii U because nobody plays sports on the Wii U.

GameFans Podcast #5 – Cry Babies

Jul 2nd - The GameFans crew discusses some of the bizarre news happening this week as a few tears are shed. Now available on iTunes!

Deathstroke DLC for Batman: Arkham Origins confirmed for Wii U

Jul 2nd - Warner Bros. Interactive has finally confirmed that the Batman: Arkham Origins Deathstroke DLC will be released for Wii U.

Pilotwings lands on the Wii U eShop this Thursday

Jul 2nd - Take to the skies on the Wii U this week with the original Pilotwings!

EA backtracks, says Frostbite 3 can run on Wii U

Jul 1st - Electronic Arts now says Frostbite 3 is capable of running on the Wii U but that it's not a high priority for the company.

Iwata’s investor approval rating drops down to 77.26%

Jul 1st - Iwata's investor approval rating is at an all time low after Nintendo released annual investor approval ratings.

Microsoft execs thought they owned Donkey Kong after Rare purchase

Jul 1st - Chris Seavor relays a funny story about one Microsoft executive who thought they owned Donkey Kong after buying Rare.

Iwata tired of inaccurate reports in mainstream media

Jul 1st - Iwata addresses investors concerning the word play and twisting mainstream media outlets may pull using his quotes.

Nintendo loses battle for domain ownership

Jun 30th - Nintendo failed to take over the domain name.

Iwata promises more unannounced Wii U games by 2014

Jun 29th - Nintendo has more Wii U games in development which haven't been announced yet, planned for release by 2014

Nintendo defends the rapid development of new Mario titles

Jun 28th - With so many Mario titles being released, are developers limiting themselves? Nintendo responds.

What was your favorite Nintendo game shown off at E3? [POLL]

Jun 28th - Nintendo showcased a huge amount of games at this year's E3, let us know which was your favorite and why!

Ubisoft says it will continue to support the Wii U this holiday season

Jun 28th - Ubisoft CEO says his company will continue to support the Wii U throughout the holiday season.

Nintendo explains why it is still a hardware company

Jun 28th - Nintendo of America's Charlie Scibetta explains why Nintendo is still a hardware company.

Black Ops double XP weekend on until Monday

Jun 28th - Treyarch announced yet another double XP weekend for its hit shooty shooter, Call of Duty: Black Ops 2.

Nintendo finally gets around to advertising the Wii U… in Japan

Jun 27th - Several new advertisements for the Wii U have surfaced.. from Japan.

Report: Atlus in trouble after parent company readies for bankruptcy

Jun 27th - Atlus could be facing problems as its parent company prepares to file bankruptcy.