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More Legend of Zelda: Link Between Worlds info released

Jul 22nd - Director of Product Marketing Bill Trinen sits down with IGN to discuss some of the finer points of A Link Between Worlds.

Nintendo rumored to consider buying Atlus in bankruptcy proceedings

Jul 22nd - Atlus could be auctioned off to the highest bidder in its parent companies' bankruptcy proceedings and Nintendo is rumored to be interested.

Pikmin 3 first week sales disappoint

Jul 21st - Pikmin 3 sells 95,000 units during its first week in Japan, a far cry from the last Pikmin game.

Pikmin 3 multiplayer gameplay

Jul 21st - New videos of the Challenge and the Bingo Battle multiplayer modes in Pikmin 3.

Nintendo hopes to reveal the new Wii U Zelda game soon

Jul 20th - Iwata confirms that a new Wii U Zelda game is in development and that they hope to reveal it in the "Not too distant future"

Just 3% of Ubisoft’s sales came from the Wii U in the last 3 months

Jul 20th - Publisher reveals the cold hard truth about Wii U game sales.

Scribblenauts Unmasked hero creator is super [Trailer]

Jul 19th - A new trailer for Scribblenauts Unmasked shows off the hero creator and the thousands of different option you have when creating your own heroes.

EU Deal: Buy Pikmin 3 on the eShop, get 30% off The Wonderful 101

Jul 19th - Nintendo of Europe is offering a special 30% discount for those who buy Pikmin 3 and The Wonderful 101.

Nintendo 3DS could be getting Miiverse and Nintendo Network IDs this fall

Jul 19th - Emily Rogers has hinted that the firmware update bringing Miiverse and Nintendo Network ID to 3DS will be happening this fall.

Miyamoto says he wished Nintendo had gone HD with the Wii

Jul 19th - Miyamoto says the rapid adoption of HD technology for TVs caught Nintendo unaware during the last hardware generation.

You asked, you got it! Nintendo 3DS news is here!

Jul 18th - Wii U Daily now features a Nintendo 3DS news section, which will cover major announcements for Nintendo's handheld console.

Nintendo has released a brand new trailer for The Wonderful 101

Jul 18th - Nintendo's new The Wonderful 101 trailer shows off the superheroes at their best.

New Nintendo Direct Mini shows off Wii U and 3DS news

Jul 18th - A new Nintendo Direct mini is now live for your viewing pleasure, containing both Wii U and 3DS news.

EarthBound now available on the Wii U virtual console

Jul 18th - EarthBound is now available on the Wii U virtual console.

Cloudberry Kingdom is arriving on Wii U on August 1st

Jul 18th - Cloudberry Kingdom finally has a release date of August 1st for the Wii U.

New Sonic Lost World screenshots show off Casino Night and Silent Forest

Jul 18th - A new set of screenshots shows off Casino Night, Desert Ruins, and Silent Forest areas for Sonic Lost World.

Michel Ancel says the Wii U resistive touchscreen stylus input isn’t natural

Jul 18th - Ubisoft developer Michel Ancel says using stylus input on the resistive touchscreen of the GamePad just isn't natural.