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Earthbound listed on Amazon UK, could see physical release?

May 23rd - Amazon UK has listed Earthbound for Wii U on its website, could we be getting a physical copy or more?

GameStop offering $50 for your Wii when you trade up to a Wii U

May 22nd - GameStop is currently offering a$50 credit for your Wii when you trade it in to upgrade to a Wii U.

Amazon has some great deals on Wii U games

May 22nd - Amazon is offering a few great deals on older Wii U titles.

Would you rather have Mario Galaxy 3 or a brand new 3D Mario at E3? [POLL]

May 22nd - With E3 just around the corner, we're eager to know what you want to see from Nintendo's "3D Mario" announcement!

Lego Batman 2 Wii U launch trailer

May 22nd - A new trailer for Lego Batman 2 for Wii U has arisen.

EA backtracks, says they are working on Wii U games

May 21st - EA's CFO backtracks and says the company is developing for Wii U, but has bigger plans for Xbox One and PS4.

Xbox One is not a Wii U competitor

May 21st - After a first look at the new Xbox it, PS4 and Wii U seem to be radically different from each other. What will this mean for the coming years?

Trailer: Here’s a look at Deus Ex: Human Revolution Director’s Cut on the Wii U

May 21st - Here's our first look at Deus Ex: Human Revolution Director's Cut gameplay on the Wii U.

Next-gen console specs: PS4 vs. Xbox One vs. Wii U

May 21st - With the reveal of the Xbox One's specs, we have a better look at what the internals are for each next-gen console.

What to expect from the Xbox reveal as a Wii U owner

May 21st - What we expect to see from the Xbox 720 reveal and how it relates to the features the Wii U currently offers.

Sniper Elite v2 for Wii U launch trailer

May 21st - Rebellion has released a new trailer for Sniper Elite v2, showing off some of the Wii U exclusive features.

Target selling Wii U basic for $240

May 21st - Target is now offering the white Wii U basic model for $60 less than its original price.

Wii U, virtual console and 50Hz: why is it still a thing?

May 21st - Dedicated PAL players thought Nintendo had heard their Miiverse pleas, but then it turned out they hadn't. So what's going on?

Ubisoft releases new Splinter Cell: Blacklist co-op trailer

May 20th - Ubisoft gives fans a new taste of the co-op gameplay coming in Splinter Cell: Blacklist.

Nintendo launches Crowdfarter campaign for Game & Wario

May 20th - Nintendo releases their own take on "crowdfunding" with a Wario twist.

Ubisoft has full confidence in Nintendo to grow the Wii U

May 20th - Ubisoft reiterates their commitment to Nintendo and their faith that Nintendo will turn the Wii U's fortunes around.

Nintendo promises to discuss Smash Bros, 3D Mario & Mario Kart before E3

May 20th - Nintendo of America reassures fans that we'll see more info on Smash Bros, Mario Kart and the new 3D Mario game before E3 in June.