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Dreamfall Chapters in talks with Nintendo to come to Wii U

Jun 26th - Ragnar Tornquist says Dreamfall Chapters could come to Wii U and is currently in talks with Nintendo about that possibility.

Miiverse posts can now contain up to 200 characters

Jun 26th - Nintendo has issued an update to the Miiverse that allows posts to contain up to 200 characters now.

GameFans Podcast #4: PS4 camera vs. Kinect 2 & Nintendo Online

Jun 26th - Episode 4 of the GameFans podcast is live, discussing the merits of new technology mixed with bringing back legacy games.

New Super Luigi U review

Jun 26th - The braver brother returns to flutter jump through the stages Mario thought too difficult. But is console Mario's first DLC fun?

DayZ standalone likely won’t be coming to Wii U

Jun 25th - DayZ creator says it's not likely a version of the game will make its way to Wii U, instead expressing optimism for the PS4.

New Super Luigi U – Digital or physical? [POLL]

Jun 25th - Now that New Super Luigi U is available digitally, let us know what version you plan on getting!

Sonic Lost World for Wii U will not have online multiplayer

Jun 25th - Sonic Lost World's producer has confirmed that the Wii U version of the game will not have online multiplayer.

Fans petition to bring Guilty Gear Xrd to Wii U

Jun 25th - Fans of the Guilty Gear franchise want to see Arc System Works bring the newest installment to Wii U.

Adventure Time box art revealed, coming November 12

Jun 24th - Adventure Time: Explore the Dungeon Because I DON'T KNOW! box art has been revealed.

Nintendo seems to be reversing its Let’s Play copyright claim policy

Jun 24th - Nintendo seems to have reversed its policy of claiming ads on YouTube Let's Play videos.

Zen Studios confirms Star Wars Pinball for Wii U on July 11th

Jun 24th - Zen Studios is bringing three new Star Wars pinball tables to the Wii U on July 11th.

Armikrog developers are now officially licensed Nintendo developers

Jun 24th - The developers of Armikrog have announced that they are now officially Nintendo licensed developers.

EA says it’s watching Wii U, but focusing on PS4 & Xbox One

Jun 24th - EA says it hasn't abandoned the Wii U as a platform, just that it's focusing on the PS4 and the Xbox One in order to nail the next-gen transition.

Iwata is spot on when it comes to social media

Jun 23rd - Satoru Iwata puts it frankly when talks about social media integration and game consoles.

Iwata: first priority is to regain momentum of the Wii U

Jun 22nd - Nintendo president says that first priority is to get the Wii U back on track, then focus on third party games.

Zelda Wind Waker HD Wii U art

Jun 22nd - Nintendo releases some new artworks from the upcoming Zelda remake for the Wii U

Conker’s Bad Fur Day dev bringing new title to Wii U

Jun 21st - Chris Seavor, the lead developer for Conker's Bad Fur Day, has another title in development for the Wii U and 3DS.