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Rumor: Several Wii U dev kits returned to Nintendo untouched

May 10th - One developer speaks about why they sent their dev kit back and another paints a picture of trouble with DLC and Nintendo.

Sega planning to release 7 Wii U titles this year

May 10th - According to Sega's financial report, we'll be seeing seven new games from the publisher this year.

Which Wii U virtual console game do you want most? [POLL]

May 9th - Tell us what virtual console games you want to see arrive next.

Capcom says Monster Hunter on Wii U is a smash hit

May 9th - Capcom's annual fiscal report shared some surprising information about Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate sales.

Wii Street U update adds Miiverse & more

May 9th - A new update to Wii Street U adds Miiverse support and much more.

New Nintendo eShop downloads for Wii U

May 9th - New releases to the Nintendo eShop as well as a date for the Resident Evil: Revelations demo.

Injustice DLC confirmed for Wii U

May 9th - Injustice DLC finally confirmed for Wii U.

How much is Hyrule Castle worth?

May 8th - A look at what Hyrule Castle would cost if you were to buy it in the real world.

RuneScape 3 could come to consoles

May 8th - Jagex talks RuneScape 3 and the potential of seeing it on home consoles in the future.

Amazon has a Gamecube controller adapter for Wii U

May 8th - Amazon is offering a Gamecube adapter for Wii U owners to use the original Gamecube controller with the Wii U.

Club Nintendo refunds coins for Super Metroid purchase

May 8th - Nintendo refunds Club Nintendo Super Metroid purchases due to the upcoming 30 cent virtual console promotion.

Rumor: EA flatlines research & development for Wii U

May 8th - Electronic Arts has stated that it has been able to eliminate expenses by ignoring platforms with no long-term potential.

Former Epic Mickey developer miffed about Wolfenstein announcement

May 8th - Warren Spector goes on a rant about the new Wolfenstein announcement.

Festival of Magic coming to Wii U

May 8th - Snowcastle Games joins the ranks of indie Wii U developers with their title, Festival of Magic.

Wolfenstein: The New Order could come to Wii U

May 7th - Bethesda's newly announced Wolfenstein: The New Order could make its way to Wii U.

Pachter says Nintendo skipping E3 conference this year is smart

May 7th - Pachter states that Nintendo not holding an E3 conference this year is a good thing for the company.

Warner Bros. still quiet on Injustice DLC for Wii U

May 7th - Warner Bros. still not talking about the fabled Injustice DLC for Wii U owners.