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New North American Splatfest is between Snowmen and Sandcastles

Mar 13th - Europeans get hoverboards vs jetpacks.

Pre-order Star Fox Zero at GameStop and get a real fighter patch

Mar 13th - No, it's not a patch that fixes your game. It's the real deal.

Pachter: NX won’t launch in 2016 and “it won’t be very good”

Mar 12th - "Nintendo is desperately clinging on to an old business model that is passing them by".

Man promises whisky to game host if he can beat his Super Mario Maker level

Mar 11th - A man from Scotland challenged GameCenter CX host Shinya Arino to beat his Super Mario Maker level for a bottle of whiskey.

Miitomo launches on March 17th in Japan

Mar 11th - Nintendo has tweeted that Miitomo will be launching on March 17 in Japan, no word about the rest of the world just yet.

Nintendo eShop: Star Ghost & Mega Man Battle Network this week

Mar 10th - Star Ghost and two Mega Man Battle Network titles headline new releases on the Wii U eShop this[.....]

Two Tribes says RIVE is their final game release

Mar 10th - Two Tribes have announced they're not making any more games once RIVE is complete.

Eiji Aonuma finally opens up about Zelda Wii U development

Mar 10th - Eiji Aonuma has been tight-lipped about the Legend of Zelda for Wii U, but he opens up a bit in his most recent Famitsu interview.

Here’s a look at everything that’s new in Super Mario Maker 1.40 [VIDEO]

Mar 9th - Super Mario Maker 1.40 update brings several new features, including several key items to help level creators create more puzzle levels.

Incoming Nintendo Network maintenance over the next 48 hours

Mar 9th - Nintendo has two extended maintenance periods coming up over the next 48 hours for both Wii U and Nintendo 3DS.

Nintendo shutting down the Mario Kart TV website

Mar 8th - Nintendo has announced it will shutter the Mario Kart TV website next month.

Watch the opening cinematic for Star Fox Zero [VIDEO]

Mar 7th - The opening cinematic for Star Fox Zero has leaked online, though it's only for the Japanese version of the game.

Pokken Tournament countdown clash continues with two more battles [VIDEO]

Mar 7th - Pokken Tournament battles continue to celebrate the upcoming release of the game. Who will win Garchomp vs Charizard and Machamp vs. Blaziken?

Universal Studios Japan getting $350 million Nintendo theme park

Mar 6th - And it will be all about Mario.

Super Meat Boy officially coming to Wii U

Mar 5th - It's finally coming to the Wii U.

Niantic Labs asking for closed beta testers for Pokemon Go in Japan

Mar 4th - Niantic Labs is now seeking closed beta testers in Japan to test the upcoming Pokemon Go game.

New Google Maps easter egg features Link from The Legend of Zelda

Mar 4th - Twilight Princess HD is releasing on Wii U today and Google is celebrating in grand style with a Maps easter egg.