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Niantic Labs has cancelled their Pokemon Go presentation at GDC this year

Mar 3rd - Niantic Labs has cancelled their Pokemon Go presentation that was to appear at GDC 2016.

Super Mario Maker is getting a Wolf Link costume [VIDEO]

Mar 2nd - Super Mario Maker is getting a Wolf Link costume likely unlocked by the Wolf Link amiibo.

Thunder Lotus Games is bringing Jotun to the Wii U

Mar 2nd - Thunder Lotus Games have announced that Jotun: Valhalla Edition is coming to Wii U.

Gamergate now targeting a Nintendo of America employee

Mar 2nd - Gamergate has enlisted the help of an anti-sex trafficking organization to smear a Nintendo of America employee.

New Nintendo Direct coming tomorrow, with no new NX news

Mar 2nd - Nintendo has announced that a new Nintendo Direct will air tomorrow and has specifically stated there will be no NX or mobile news.

Check out these wicked Pokken Tournament combos [VIDEO]

Mar 1st - Pokken Tournament's release date is soon and Nintendo UK is teasing us with these combo videos.

Twilight Princess HD has a Zelda Wii U easter egg hidden

Mar 1st - Twilight Princess HD releases in just a few days with a Zelda Wii U easter egg hidden inside.

New rumor suggests the Nintendo NX has similar specs to the Xbox One

Feb 29th - It will also feature wireless HDMI and looks like "Samsung and the Nintendo 2DS had a baby".

Ex-Retro Studios developer bringing arcade shooter Star Ghost to Wii U

Feb 29th - New arcade shooter is a Wii U exclusive and launches next month.

Nintendo of America announces several new Nintendo Select titles for Wii U & 3DS

Feb 29th - Nintendo of America has confirmed a wide variety of games will get Select branding and a $20 price tag.

Wii U has four games in top 11 best selling games in Japan in January

Feb 28th - Despite slow hardware sales, the Wii U shows up on the software charts in Japan.

Nintendo cuts earnings forecast for 2016 on slow hardware sales

Feb 27th - But the company expects to sell more Wii U games.

Source who leaked the new Pokemon game says NX launches in 2016

Feb 27th - Just announce the damn console already, Nintendo.

Twilight Princess retrospective Episode 2 looks at the characters and story

Feb 26th - Find out the story behind Link turning into a wolf.

Indie title Planet Diver is coming to Wii U

Feb 26th - Get ready for interstellar wing suit diving.

Here’s how the new Ghost Lantern item in Twilight Princess HD works

Feb 25th - Twilight Princess HD will have a brand new item to help you hunt down Poes.