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What if Nintendo announced Wii Sports U?

May 27th - Wii U needs something that can immediately translate to people the appeal of the gamepad, right? Why not look at what worked last time.

Fast And Furious Showdown: worst Wii U game of 2013? [VIDEO]

May 27th - Looks like it was built with a game engine straight out of North Korea...

Batman: Arkham Origins pre-order bonuses may come to Wii U

May 27th - Deathstroke might still make his way to the Wii U

Super Mario Galaxy 3 vs Super Mario Sunshine 2

May 26th - Which Wii U Super Mario game would you choose: Super Mario Galaxy 3 or Super Mario Sunshine 2?

Wii U sells 40,000 units in April in North America

May 25th - The Wii U sells just 40,000 units in April, but things don't look that bad.

Rumor: Here’s what to expect from the E3 Nintendo Direct

May 24th - Here's a fresh set of rumors for the E3 Nintendo Direct to keep you on your toes!

Warner Bros. confirms Dying Light not coming to Wii U

May 24th - Warner Bros. Interactive confirmed today that zombie apocalypse game Dying Light will not see a Wii U release.

Wii U sales rank jumps 875% after Xbox reveal on Amazon UK

May 24th - The Xbox One reveal has created a massive influx of Wii U sales on Amazon's UK website.

“This year, it’s all about the games.” [Trailer]

May 23rd - Fan-made trailer showcases all the games we're expecting to see at E3 this year.

Sega teases six Sonic Lost World characters

May 23rd - Sega has unveiled six new characters that will appear in Sonic Lost World, with more details coming soon.

Microsoft is selling the Wii U better than Nintendo

May 23rd - Microsoft utterly blew their big Xbox One reveal and it's done more to sell the Wii U than anything Nintendo has so far.

New Nintendo Direct coming June 11th

May 23rd - Nintendo have announced a new Nintendo Direct taking place June 11th, directly before the E3 event opens.

Buy two Kirby games for Wii U virtual console, get the third free this week

May 23rd - Nintendo is offering a special promotion on the three Kirby games released today on the Wii U virtual console.

Earthbound listed on Amazon UK, could see physical release?

May 23rd - Amazon UK has listed Earthbound for Wii U on its website, could we be getting a physical copy or more?

GameStop offering $50 for your Wii when you trade up to a Wii U

May 22nd - GameStop is currently offering a$50 credit for your Wii when you trade it in to upgrade to a Wii U.

Amazon has some great deals on Wii U games

May 22nd - Amazon is offering a few great deals on older Wii U titles.

Would you rather have Mario Galaxy 3 or a brand new 3D Mario at E3? [POLL]

May 22nd - With E3 just around the corner, we're eager to know what you want to see from Nintendo's "3D Mario" announcement!