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Discussion: What would you like to see come to the Miiverse next?

Apr 1st - Let's talk about the current set of Miiverse features and those you'd like to see come to the service in the future.

Shovel Knight reaches Kickstarter goal, sets stretch goals

Apr 1st - Yacht Club Games' Kickstarter for Shovel Knight has been a success!

Epic Games says the Wii U can run Unreal 4

Apr 1st - Mark Rein backtracks his statement that Unreal 4 will not be possible on the Wii U.

Monster Hunter 3 has Wii U sales rocket in Europe

Mar 31st - Sales are up 125% in the UK, and up 3x in France thanks to Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate.

Upcoming Wii U Miiverse features revealed

Mar 30th - New features include user generated "sub-communities", a tournament feature, and much more.

Metroid Prime dev working on new mobile game, could be released on Wii U

Mar 29th - A new game from Metroid Prime developer Jason Behr could make its way to the Wii U.

Here’s the Miiverse app on an iPhone

Mar 29th - Here's what the Miiverse will look like once it goes mobile.

Darksiders II being removed from the European eShop on March 31st

Mar 29th - Darksiders II will be removed from the European eShop at the end of March.

ZombiU’s first patch fixes game-breaking bugs

Mar 28th - Ubisoft have finally released a patch to address several game-breaking bugs in ZombiU.

New Iwata Asks: Game & Wario

Mar 28th - A new Iwata Asks has been released where Nintendo president Satoru Iwata discusses Game & Wario with its creators.

GDC: Miiverse headed to mobile by May, 3DS version still in the works

Mar 28th - Nintendo have announced that the Miiverse is headed to smartphones and browsers in May and a 3DS version is still in the works.

Netflix now on Nintendo TVii

Mar 27th - Nintendo have announced that Netflix is finally available on Nintendo TVii.

Spin The Bottle: the most socially awkward Wii U game you’ll ever see [VIDEO]

Mar 27th - The Nintendo Wii changed the way game developers think about gaming. It introduced a new type of gaming[.....]

Battlefield 4 not coming to Wii U according to DICE

Mar 27th - Battlefield 4 was officially unveiled last night at GDC and today DICE's creative director confirms it's not coming to Wii U.

GDC: Dev says Star Fox worked because Miyamoto threw British ideas out

Mar 27th - This week at GDC, developer Dylan Cuthbert speaks about his experience working on the original Star Fox.

Nintendo Wii U: Live from GDC

Mar 27th - We're reporting live from the 2013 Game Developer's Conference where Nintendo has a huge presence, interesting dev session, and hopefully exclusive Wii U News!

Wii U April update speed comparison [VIDEO]

Mar 27th - Finally some proof of a much needed speed increase for the Wii U.