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Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate will not have off-screen play

Feb 20th - You'll need to utilize both the Wii U GamePad and your TV in order to hunt monsters effectively.

Nintendo returning to Gamescom this year

Feb 20th - After skipping last year, Nintendo will be returning to Gamescom in full force.

Ubisoft slashes prices of Wii U titles on eShop

Feb 19th - Get 30% off on all Ubisoft games offered on the NA eShop for a limited time.

Did Iwata wear this year’s platinum Club Nintendo prize?

Feb 19th - Last week's Nintendo Direct could have hidden this year's platinum Club Nintendo reward right under our noses.

Resident Evil: Revelations port driven by the fans

Feb 19th - RE: Revelations developer Takenaka discusses why the port is being made and why a console version wasn't released the first time around.

Dragon Quest X bundle headed to Japan

Feb 19th - Square Enix details the upcoming Dragon Quest X bundle, which will be available in Japan on March 30th.

GameStop lists Watch Dogs available for Wii U pre-order

Feb 19th - GameStop and Best Buy have listed Watch Dogs available for pre-order for Wii U.

Destiny’s pre-order website contains code showing Wii U and Vita options

Feb 19th - New snippet of source code on the Destiny pre-order page reveals that the game could be coming to Wii U after all.

Rayman Legends dev team update discusses challenge mode

Feb 19th - Rayman Legends developers try to smooth things over with the fans by offering challenge mode exclusively for Wii U in April.

Discussion: Would you play free to play games on Wii U?

Feb 18th - If more free-to-play games were released with micro-transactions to support them in the Wii U eShop, would you play them?

Assassin’s Creed 3 Wii U Review

Feb 18th - Is Assassin's Creed 3 the compelling end to Ubisoft's trilogy or is Connor's story a dud?

Bungie’s Destiny probably not headed to Wii U

Feb 18th - Bungie and Activision make no announcements concerning Nintendo's new console at yesterday's press conference for Destiny.

Store sells Wii U bundle with Wii games

Feb 17th - Even some store owners are confused about the Wii U and Wii consoles.

Wii U CPU pictured, analyzed

Feb 16th - We finally get the full details on the Wii U CPU.

UK retailer slashes Wii U price

Feb 15th - Basic Wii U set slashed from £249 to just £199 at UK retailer.

Aliens: Colonial Marines still on track for Wii U release despite criticism

Feb 15th - Despite heavy criticism for the game, Aliens: Colonial Marines is still on track to be released in the launch window.

Angry Birds Trilogy headed to Wii and Wii U this year

Feb 15th - If you still haven't gotten your hands on the Angry Birds series, you'll be able to do so on Wii U very soon.