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Nintendo removes European Wii U eShop restriction

Mar 21st - The silly rule is gone, and now adults in Europe can purchase adult games whenever they want.

Toki Tori 2 will be available April 4th in the eShop

Mar 21st - Two Tribes have finally announced the release date of Toki Tori 2.

Nintendo meeting with UK retailers after price cuts

Mar 21st - One retailer says "They've got to do something otherwise it is GameCube all over again"

CNN Money breaks down the Wii U cost part by part [Video]

Mar 21st - CNN does a tear down of the Wii U to show just how much each part costs Nintendo during manufacture.

Deep Silver says a Wii U Dead Island: Riptide isn’t worth it

Mar 21st - Deep Silver officially confirm that a Dead Island: Riptide port was considered for Wii U, but ultimately decided against releasing it.

Monster Hunter 3 Wii U gameplay videos + giant infographic

Mar 20th - Tons of new footage and a massive inforgraphic from Capcom shows all the new features and content.

Cricket game “Ashes” coming to Wii U

Mar 20th - The Wii U gets its very first Cricket game on June 21, 2013.

Project Cars Director: Wii U version is about innovation

Mar 20th - Project Cars' Director says Wii U Gamepad "screams new innovations for gameplay".

Report: Lego City: Undercover pre-orders experiencing shortages

Mar 20th - Gamers are reporting that they are having trouble finding copies of Lego City: Undercover available for purchase.

PSA: Punch Out! for Wii U Virtual Console is now available

Mar 20th - Nintendo's third game for the 30 cent Wii U Virtual Console is Punch Out!.

Deus Ex: Human Revolution for Wii U fixes boss battles and improves graphics

Mar 20th - Now that the cat's out of the bag, Square Enix reveals more details about the upcoming Deus Ex: Human Revolution Director's Cut edition.

Year of Luigi community now available on Miiverse

Mar 20th - Nintendo releases a Year of Luigi community for fans to discuss the upcoming games featuring Luigi.

Criterion says Need For Speed Most Wanted DLC could come to Wii U if there’s enough sales

Mar 20th - Criterion confirms that DLC for Need For Speed: Most Wanted could come to the Wii U, if enough fans buy the game in support.

When will Nintendo wake up to the Wii U issues?

Mar 19th - The Wii U has been struggling for months, and Nintendo has yet to step in and take action.

Nintendo reveals its PAX East lineup

Mar 19th - Nintendo's PAX East lineup includes the ability to purchase Luigi's Mansion and Pokemon Mystery Dungeon a day early.

Dead Island: Riptide spokesperson confirms game engine works just fine on Wii U

Mar 19th - Dead Island: Riptide could run just fine on Wii U, if Deep Silver would let it.

Amazon lists Deus Ex: Human Revolution for May 7th release

Mar 19th - Amazon has outed Deus Ex: Human Revolution Director's Cut for a Wii U release later this year.