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Amazon lists Deus Ex: Human Revolution for May 7th release

Mar 19th - Amazon has outed Deus Ex: Human Revolution Director's Cut for a Wii U release later this year.

John Riccitiello resigns as EA’s CEO; what does this mean for Nintendo?

Mar 19th - With John Riccitiello's resignation, Electronic Arts is poised to go in a new direction as a company.

F1 Race Stars coming to Wii U

Mar 18th - Codemasters is bringing F1 Race Stars arcade racing game to the Wii U.

Capcom answers the question, ‘Just how big is Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate?’

Mar 18th - Capcom goes over just how much new content, weapons, monsters and gear are available in Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate.

Shovel Knight is a new Kickstarter project that wants to see release on 3DS & Wii U

Mar 18th - A new Kickstarter project that pays homage to the old era of Nintendo has surfaced.

Pokemon Rumble U gameplay video revealed

Mar 18th - Check out Pokemon Rumble U's first promotional video right here!

Need For Speed Most Wanted U not getting DLC

Mar 17th - While the game will ship with old DLC included, there are no plans to bring new DLC to the Wii U.

Why retailers are slashing Wii U prices

Mar 16th - The recent Wii U price cuts show that retailers are pessimistic about the console's future.

GameStop: Wii U sales are slower than expected

Mar 15th - GameStop says that Wii U sales aren't good at the moment, but they are optimistic about the future for the Wii U

Wii U sold 66,000 units in February, will meet reduced sales goal

Mar 15th - Wii U sells only 66,000 units in the United States for the month of February.

Saints Row 4 coming August 20th, not to Wii U [Update]

Mar 15th - Deep Silver have announced that Saints Row 4 will be available on August 20th.

Zen Pinball 2 will be available March 21st in the US eShop

Mar 15th - Zen Studios have finally announced the release date for Zen Pinball 2 in the United States.

New For Speed Most Wanted U trailer

Mar 14th - New trailer showcases many of the Wii U features, including off-screen gameplay, multiplayer, and more.

Fast & Furious: Showdown headed to Wii U

Mar 14th - A new game based on the Fast & Furious movies is heading to Wii U.

Disney Infinity delayed until August

Mar 14th - Disney Interactive have announced that Disney Infinity has been delayed until August at retailer's requests.

Wii U gets an unofficial price drop in Europe

Mar 14th - It's unofficial, but European retailers are cutting costs barely four months after Wii U's launch.

Pokemon Rumble U will interact with Pokémon toys via NFC

Mar 13th - Every Nintendo fan has predicted it, and it looks like this year it will become a reality — there will be a physical Pokémon product that interacts with a Pokémon game via NFC.