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A new Lego City: Undercover trailer introduces Chase McCain

Feb 22nd - A new trailer for Lego City: Undercover shows off the main character, Chase McCain.

Monster Hunter 3: Ultimate demo impressions [VIDEO]

Feb 22nd - Thoughts on the Monster Hunter 3: Ultimate Demo for the Wii U.

The Witness could head to Wii U after PS4 exclusivity

Feb 22nd - Indie developer Jonathan Blow discusses bringing his newest game, The Witness, to Wii U after PS4 exclusivity ends.

Monster Hunter 3: Ultimate demo now available on Wii U

Feb 21st - A demo for Monster Hunter 3: Ultimate is now available for download through the Wii U eShop.

Rumor: Scribblenauts Unlimited recall due to lack of UK english

Feb 21st - A new rumor has surfaced citing lack of UK English as the primary delay for Scribblenauts Unlimited in Europe.

Keeping an eye on the competition: Watch the PlayStation 4 announcement here!

Feb 21st - Watch the Sony press conference from yesterday here and let us know your thoughts!

New Miiverse update makes filtering easier

Feb 21st - A new update to the Miiverse makes filtering out unwanted posts much easier.

Watch Dogs confirmed for Wii U!

Feb 20th - Finally an official statement from Ubisoft.

Sony steps on Nintendo’s toes with remote play to Vita

Feb 20th - Sony announces the Vita will function like the Wii U GamePad for the PlayStation 4.

Another UK retailer slashes Wii U price

Feb 20th - The Wii U Deluxe set goes from £299 to just £225 at one UK retailer.

F-Zero now available in the Virtual Console for 30 cents

Feb 20th - Nintendo's second game in the 30 cent Virtual Console promotion is F-Zero.

Check out these amazing Nintendo amigurumi plushes

Feb 20th - Some of the best recognized characters in gaming are from Nintendo, so check out these gamer's creations.

Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate will not have off-screen play

Feb 20th - You'll need to utilize both the Wii U GamePad and your TV in order to hunt monsters effectively.

Nintendo returning to Gamescom this year

Feb 20th - After skipping last year, Nintendo will be returning to Gamescom in full force.

Ubisoft slashes prices of Wii U titles on eShop

Feb 19th - Get 30% off on all Ubisoft games offered on the NA eShop for a limited time.

Did Iwata wear this year’s platinum Club Nintendo prize?

Feb 19th - Last week's Nintendo Direct could have hidden this year's platinum Club Nintendo reward right under our noses.

Resident Evil: Revelations port driven by the fans

Feb 19th - RE: Revelations developer Takenaka discusses why the port is being made and why a console version wasn't released the first time around.