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Capcom showcases Brachydios the Brute Wyvern in MH3U

Feb 8th - Capcom has released another preview of one of the monsters you'll encounter in Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate.

ZombiU Deluxe Set officially announced for North America

Feb 8th - The European ZombiU Wii U bundle is finally shambling onto North American shelves on February 17th.

Ubisoft speaks out on Rayman Legends delay & multi-platform release

Feb 8th - The delay and loss of platform exclusivity for Rayman Legends has upset many, but remember the developers are not to blame.

Donkey Kong 64-inspired platformer possibly coming to Wii U

Feb 8th - Desperate for a 3D platformer to add to your Wii U games arsenal? You may not need to wait much longer.

Monster Hunter 3 multiplayer is region locked

Feb 7th - You won't be able to play with your Japanese or European buddies...

Wii Street U finally available in Japan after a delay

Feb 7th - After a few delays, Wii Street U is now available for free for Japanese Wii U owners.

New Aliens: Colonial Marines extended trailer released

Feb 7th - New trailer for Aliens: Colonial Marines shows just how futile your attempts at survival will be.

Star Wars pinball headed to Zen Pinball 2 this month

Feb 7th - New pinball tables for Zen Pinball 2 will feature iconic Star Wars characters and themes.

Rayman Legends delayed; no longer a Wii U exclusive title [Update]

Feb 7th - Rayman Legends will not be exclusive to Wii U when it launches in September.

Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed nearing 1 million sales

Feb 7th - Wii U sales account for one quarter of sales, making it one of the most successful Sonic titles on Nintendo hardware to date.

Nintendo makes several changes to the Miiverse

Feb 6th - The Miiverse service has been updated with a few operation changes and changes to the code of conduct.

Ninja Gaiden 3: Razor’s Edge no longer a Wii U exclusive

Feb 6th - Ninja Gaiden 3: Razor's Edge is no longer a platform exclusive title for the Wii U.

New NPD numbers show digital sales gaining popularity

Feb 6th - NPD numbers for US consumers show that digital downloads are growing exponentially.

Pikmin 3 will feature off-TV play

Feb 6th - Shigeru Miyamoto confirms that you'll be able to play Pikmin 3 on the GamePad only.

Bayonetta 2 real-time graphics shown in last Nintendo Direct

Feb 5th - Sneak peek from the trailer was not CGI, but in-game footage.

ZombiU Wii U bundle coming to Canada

Feb 5th - New bundle includes both ZombiU and Nintendo Land, and retails for $399 in Canada only.

Bonus Round panel discusses Wii U and the next generation of consoles

Feb 5th - The latest episode of Bonus Round on GTTV discusses the Wii U and next gen consoles.