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Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate Wii U bundle comes March 22nd

Feb 14th - This limited edition Wii U bundle for Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate is expected to go fast. It will be available on March 22nd, but you should expect to snag a pre-order if you want your purchase to be guaranteed.

Nintendo Direct Wii U recap

Feb 14th - Wii U highlights from today's Nintendo Direct.

European Nintendo Direct 3DS round up

Feb 14th - Some interesting localisation decisions and a much awaited release-date show up in the European version of Nintendo Direct.

Dev: Wii U may do ‘even better’ than Wii

Feb 14th - A developer shares his thoughts on Nintendo's latest console, and they're rather refreshing.

New Wii U titles headed our way very soon!

Feb 14th - Need For Speed Most Wanted U releases March 19th, amongst other titles coming soon.

Wii Street U now available on eShop, free for a limited time

Feb 14th - Download Wii Street U on the Nintendo eShop for free for a limited time.

New Zelda community out now

Feb 14th - Check out the brand new Zelda Miiverse community.

First NSMBU DLC announced!

Feb 14th - Luigi stars in his own massive DLC pack for NSMBU entitled New Super Luigi U.

Nintendo Direct 3DS round up – Year of Luigi, Animal Crossing & more

Feb 14th - This morning's NIntendo Direct was filled with 3DS news galore.

Check out this 13 minute demo of Skylanders: Swap Force

Feb 13th - A new 13 minute gameplay demonstration of Skylanders: Swap Force is available.

Nintendo hosting Wii U developer presentations at GDC

Feb 13th - Presentations include Wii U development and Miiverse integration.

Ubisoft is “satisfied” with the Wii U launch so far

Feb 13th - Ubisoft CEO Yves Guillemot seems confident in Nintendo's new home console.

How Nintendo can turn the Wii U into a success

Feb 13th - The Wii U isn't doing as well as it should, and Nintendo needs to step up their game.

Developer of Journey could bring next game to the Wii U

Feb 13th - Co-founder of Thatgamecompany, Jenova Chen hints that the next game from the company will be multi-platform.

Valentine’s Day Nintendo Direct incoming

Feb 13th - Have some free time on Valentine's day? Then make sure to tune in.

Wii U’s Tank Tank Tank is free to play in Europe

Feb 12th - Namco Bandai tries a new approach for the slow-selling action game.

New Batman Arkham game confirmed for 2013

Feb 12th - A new Batman Arkham title is on the way in 2013, according to the Time Warner investor's call.